Submit a Resource or Story

NDEP seeks resources, articles, and stories that will assist health care professionals in promoting medication adherence among their patients and within their health care teams.

Resource or Article

Resources and articles must be applicable to clinical or community settings. They also should be accessible to the public and contain limited or no advertising of commercial products. Articles must be published in peer-reviewed journals.

To submit a resource or peer-reviewed article, send us an email with the following information:

  • Web address
  • Type of resource (website, mobile app/device, tracking tool, printable document, online program in-person program, video or podcast, presentation, or other)
  • Source, sponsor, or authors
  • Intended audience (people with diabetes, caregivers of people with diabetes, health care professionals, health systems, community-based organizations, or other)
  • Available languages
  • If registration or cost are required for access
  • If advertisers or sponsors play a role in selecting or editing the information provided and whether there is an advertisement or sponsorship policy
  • How the resource or article relates to medication adherence


To share a success story, send us an email to with the following information:

  • Your name and profession
  • Type of interaction (one-on-one, group, or other)
  • The methods or resources you used to promote medication adherence
  • The results or outcomes of your efforts, including challenges you encountered and lessons learned.

Stories may be considered as features for the website. We will send the final story to you for review before it is added.