NDEP Branding & Logo Use

The following branding and logo use guidelines aim to ensure that all NDEP products and activities are beneficial to people with or at risk for diabetes and the public at large, remain scientifically accurate, reliable, and free of commercial bias.

Reprinting and Distributing NDEP Materials

All NDEP products, resources, and materials are copyright-free. Permission is not needed to duplicate or distribute NDEP materials so long as the content remains unchanged. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to reprint NDEP materials.

Co-Branding (Adding Your Logo to NDEP Materials)

Partners may co-brand NDEP materials by adding their organization’s logo and contact information. Co-branding NDEP materials is only permitted if the NDEP content remains unchanged. To request print-ready files for co-branding purposes, please call 1-800-860-8747.

Adapting NDEP Materials

The NDEP encourages individuals and organizations to use its messages and materials, and to distribute them to a variety of audiences. However, if any changes are made to NDEP content, the NDEP logo cannot be featured on the altered product. Recognition and attribution to the NDEP can be communicated with the use of the following statement, “Adapted from the National Diabetes Education Program, a program of the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

Products and materials that are not developed by or in partnership with the NDEP are prohibited from using the NDEP logo.

Endorsement of Products and Services

NDEP will not endorse, directly or through implied endorsement, specific products, services, educational programs or enterprises. Partners that provide support for NDEP activities or educational materials may be acknowledged, without reference to or endorsement of commercial products.