Chronic Kidney Disease & Nutrition

The purpose of medical nutrition therapy (MNT) for chronic kidney disease (CKD) is to maintain good nutritional status, slow progression, and to treat complications.

The key diet components to slowing progression of CKD are:

  • Controlling blood pressure by reducing sodium intake
  • Reducing protein intake, if excessive
  • Managing diabetes

CKD Nutrition Management Training Program

NKDEP has developed Chronic Kidney Disease Nutrition Management, a series of five training modules that use engaging activities and case studies to prepare registered dietitians (RDs) for counseling patients who have CKD. Each module focuses on a specific area of nutrition management for kidney disease patients, including background information on CKD, slowing the progression of CKD, CKD complications, the CKD "diet," and the transition from CKD to kidney failure. The modules also demonstrate how NKDEP's free resources can be used to counsel patients with CKD. Learn more and download the modules.

CKD and Nutrition for Dietetic Educators

NKDEP has developed a suite of materials to support dietetic educators in teaching students and interns about nutritional interventions for CKD patients. The materials are designed to provide students and interns with the basic information they will need to counsel patients who have CKD once they become practicing RDs. The dietetic educators materials suite includes a presentation, Chronic Kidney Disease 101: Nutrition Intervention, which covers kidney function, kidney disease, and basic information about the CKD diet in the outpatient setting. Additionally, the suite includes five outpatient case studies, which challenge students to think critically about nutritional interventions and apply their CKD nutrition knowledge. Learn more and download the materials suite.

Educational Materials

NKDEP has developed a suite of materials to help general practice registered dietitians (RDs) provide effective medical nutrition therapy (MNT) to CKD patients who are not on dialysis. These free, downloadable, and reproducible materials are designed to distill key information about CKD and diet for RDs and patients.

Read about NKDEP's diet initiative in Addressing the Growing Need for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Medical Nutrition Therapy in Primary Care Settings (PDF, 196 KB) . Original article was published in the Renal Nutrition Forum, Volume 29, No. 4 by the Renal Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association.

For RDs

Chronic Kidney Disease and Diet: Assessment, Management, and Treatment

View PDF (1.3 MB)

An overview guide on treating CKD patients who are not on dialysis.

For CKD Patients Who Are Not on Dialysis

Eating Right for Kidney Health: Tips for People with CKD

View PDF (176 KB)

A handout on the basics of nutrition and CKD.

Also available in Spanish:

Una dieta sana para la salud de los riñones: consejos para personas con la enfermedad de los riñones

View PDF (157 KB)

A handout on the basics of nutrition and CKD.

Nutrition Tips for People with CKD

Individual nutrient handouts on:

Also available in Spanish:

Kidney Test Results Tool for Assessment and Education of Patients

Your Kidney Test Results (PDF, 262 KB)

Resultados de sus pruebas de los riñones (PDF, 253 KB)