NKDEP Working Groups

On occasion, NKDEP invites Coordinating Panel members and other experts to participate in ad hoc working groups, which are established for a specific purpose. Current NKDEP working groups include the Laboratory Working Group, Pharmacy Working Group, and Health Information Technology Working Group. Former NKDEP working groups include the Dialysis Center Working Group and Evaluation Working Group.​

Laboratory tubes in a rack

NKDEP's Laboratory Working Group includes a cross section of leading experts in the clinical laboratory community. The group works to improve laboratory measurement for kidney disease.

Pharmacist talking with a patient

The Pharmacy Working Group (PhWG) works to increase pharmacists' knowledge of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and provide them with the tools and resources to help educate their patients about the disease.

A female doctor and another female behind a laptop

NKDEP's Health Information Technology Working Group works to enable and support the widespread interoperability of data related to kidney health among healthcare software applications to optimize CKD detection and management.