Healthy Community Kit

Use Healthy Community Kit to spread the word about the importance of making the move to be healthy.

Download the full kit, flyers, and tip sheets and get started today.

Healthy Community Kit (PDF, 3.62 MB)

Being Healthy Is a Big Deal! (PDF, 1.47 MB)

Climb These Steps to a Healthier You! (PDF, 51.9 KB)

Don't Take a Vacation From Your Healthy Habits This Summer! (PDF, 1.08 MB)

Get in the Game: Tips for Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (PDF, 1.69 MB)

Get on Track to a Healthier You (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Parents…Splash Into a Healthy Summer With These Ideas! (PDF, 294.59 KB)

Sisters Together Fact Sheet (PDF, 2.02 MB)

Use the World Around You to Stay Healthy and Fit (PDF, 7.41 MB)

Young at Heart: Your Checklist for Better Health (PDF, 702.45 KB)

All tip sheets (ZIP, 11.36 MB)