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Redesigning the Health Care Team: Diabetes Prevention and Lifelong Management

Quality diabetes care involves more than just the primary provider. Find out more about implementing multidisciplinary team care for people with diabetes in all clinical settings and how to reduce the human and economic toll of diabetes through a continuous, proactive, planned, patient-centered, and population-based approach to care.

In addition to a downloadable file (PDF) of the full color Team Care guide, an online only black & white format is available for ease of printing. View or download promotional tools.

Table of Contents

Credits and Acknowledgments

Executive Summary

1. Introduction

2. Chronic Disease and the Health Care Delivery System

3.  What Makes a Successful Team?

4.  Non-traditional Team Care Approaches

5. Payment & Cost-Effectiveness Data for Diabetes Education & Services

6. Collaborative Care in Practice

7. Summary

Case Studies: Implementing Team Care

  1. Telehealth Enhances Diabetes Team Care in Hawaii
  2. Florida Initiative in Telehealth and Education for Children with Diabetes
  3. A Story about Group Visits
  4. Using Community Health Workers to Improve Quality in Diabetes Care
  5. A Collaborative Team Approach to Managing Diabetes in a Clinic Setting
  6. Clinica Family Health Services: Enhanced Team Functioning
  7. Introducing Diabetes Education Services in Rural Communities
  8. A Podiatric Limb Preservation Team in Action


  1. Stratifying Care According to Patient Population Needs
  2. Scope of Practice for Diabetes Educators & Board-Certified Advanced Diabetes Management Practitioners
  3. Quality Improvement Indicators for Diabetes Care
  4. Medicare for People with Diabetes

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