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Resources for Helping a Loved One

​Older adults with diabetes need to make many decisions about managing their diabetes to stay healthy. Diabetes management tasks may be easy for some older adults to do on their own while others may need help from a family member or friend. People at risk for type 2 diabetes may also need encouragement and support in taking steps to prevent or delay the disease. This page has resources that a​ caregiver can use to help a loved one stay on track with diabetes self-management or diabetes prevention.

Diabetes Management

Resources listed by title (A-Z)

​Title ​Description ​Organization

Diabetic Eye Disease E​​-Cards​

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Help spread the word about diabetic eye disease by sending these e-cards to friends and family members at higher risk.​​ National Eye Institute

How to Help a Love​d One Cope with Diabetes

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This tip sheet provides practical tips for helping a loved one manage and cope with diabetes. National Diabetes Education Program

Living Healthy with Diabetes: A Guide for​​ Adults 55 and Up

This booklet provides information to help older adults manage type 2 diabetes to prevent or delay related health problems. It also includes a special section for caregivers with tips on giving support to a loved one with diabetes. American Diabetes Association

Medicare’s Coverage of Diabe​tes Supplies and Services​

This booklet explains Medicare coverage of diabetes supplies and services in Original Medicare and with Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D). Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

​​Your Medicare Bene​fits

This booklet describes the health care services and supplies that Medicare covers, and how to get those benefits through Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance). Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Your Medicare Cov​erage (Online Search Tool)​ 

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Use this search page to learn what diabetes tests, services, or supplies are covered by Medicare. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services​


Diabetes Prevention

Resources listed by title (A-Z)

​Title ​Description ​Orgamization

YMCA’s Diabetes Pre​vention Program​

The YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program seeks to help people at risk for type 2 diabetes learn about and adopt healthy eating and physical activity habits shown to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. YMCA

Your Guide to Med​icare's Preventive Services​​

En Español

This booklet gives an overview of Medicare's covered preventive services. It has coverage information for a variety of diabetes-related services, including diabetes screening, diabetes self-management training, medical nutrition therapy if you have diabetes or kidney disease, foot exams, and smoking cessation. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services​

If you know of a resource to add to this collection, visit the Submit a Resource page to complete the submission form.

Visit our Diabetes HealthSense online library for additional behavior change resources for older adults.​​​​​​​​​

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