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National Diabetes Month

National Diabetes Month: Everyone Has a Role. What's Yours? National Diabetes Month is observed every November to draw attention to diabetes and its effects on millions of Americans.

The National Diabetes Education Program’s (NDEP) 2015 theme, Diabetes Education and Support: Everyone Has a Role. What’s Yours?, highlighted the need for ongoing diabetes education and support among people with diabetes and those who care for them.

Help people in your community learn more about the importance of diabetes education and support with these resources from the NDEP and the National Institute for Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK).

Stay tuned to find out more about the 2016 campaign theme!

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People Living with Diabetes

If you hav​e just been diagnosed with diabetes, or you have been living with diabetes for a while, diabetes education and support are important to help you stay healthy.​​

​​Diabetes education is needed throughout your lifetime, not just at diagnosis. Learning to manage your diabetes from the start can help you have fewer health problems from diabetes later.

Having a network of support can help you better cope with the day-to-day demands of living with diabetes.

Resources for you
Resources for you

Just One Step: Change begins with Just One Step: This tool helps people break down their goals to make modest but important lifestyle changes in small, achievable steps.

Make a Plan: Making changes in how to care for health is a matter of trying and learning. It’s all about choosing a goal that’s right and working toward it. This tool provides some questions to help people get started.

Diabetes HealthSense: Diabetes HealthSense is an online library that provides easy access to more than 160 resources from more than 80 organizations that support people with diabetes, people at risk for the disease, and those who care for them in making changes to live well or facilitating behavior change in others.

For People with Diabetes or High Blood Pressure: Diabetes and high blood pressure can damage the kidneys and lead to kidney disease. Learn more about the kidney connection and how to take steps to keep your kidneys healthy from the National Kidney Disease Education Program.

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Living with Diabetes: Finding the Support You Need video: This video provides people with diabetes tips for finding support in their families, friends, and communities.

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Partnering with Your Diabetes Care Team video: This video shows patients ways to work with their health care team to successfully manage their disease.


NIDDK Research

A Message from Linda Siminerio

Dear NDEP Partner,

I met my very first patient with diabetes, Jarred, when he was 11 months old. Image of Dr. Siminerio His parents were at their wits end when they sought advice for their sick baby and were repeatedly told he simply had the flu. That was back in 1972. While diabetes care has come a long way since then, we still have so much ground to cover when it comes to diabetes education and support.

Jarred’s experience left an indelible mark and has been a source of inspiration throughout my years as a diabetes educator. We all have a role to play in diabetes education and support. For me, it’s a team-based approach that represents a variety of professionals such as diabetes educators, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, peer leaders and community health workers, among others. This means working with and through partners in the clinical setting, community setting, at worksites, in schools – everywhere people with or at risk for diabetes live, work, play and worship.

We all have an important role to play when it comes to diabetes education and support. Please join the NDEP in bringing even more attention to this important issue during Diabetes Month and throughout the year.

Linda Siminerio, RN, PhD, CDE
Chair, National Diabetes Education Program

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