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Get Moving! Get Active!

If you or a loved one has kidney disease or its risk factors, diabetes or high blood pressure, staying physically active can help you live a healthier life. Be sure to talk to your health professional before starting a new physical activity. Here are a few tips to get you up and moving more.

Use proper form while walking. The Weight-control Information Network (WIN) suggests walking with your chin up and shoulders slightly back, letting the heel of your foot touch the ground first, then roll your weight forward. Walk with your toes pointed forward and swing your arms naturally as you walk.

Team up with a buddy or a group. It's always great to have a partner or a group to keep you motivated. Try joining a local walking group or starting one with your family or neighbors.

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Track your progress. Keep track of your progress by using a journal or an online log. Record the date, time, and distance to see how you evolve over time.

Set a reminder. Whether you use an alarm on your mobile phone or jot it down in your planner or calendar, setting a consistent reminder will help to keep you focused on creating a new routine.

Be safe. Let a friend or family member know your planned rout​e and expected time of return. It's also good to be aware of your surroundings and wear brightly colored clothing if it's dark outside.

If you would like to create a health awareness program that focuses on maintaining a healthy weight by increasing physical activity in your community, visit the newly redesigned Sisters Together: Move More, Eat Better Program Guide, developed by WIN.

If you'd like to learn more about diet and lifestyle changes for people with kidney disease, visit the Diet and Lifestyle Changes section of the National Kidney Disease Education Program (NKDEP) website.

March 2014

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