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Get Moving At Your Family Reunion

Family reunions are the perfect time to make new memories with loved ones. And there’s no better way to make a new memory than having fun together. Why not propose reunion activities that will show your family how fun it is to be physically active, such as:

Organize a walking tour of the town or neighborhood where your reunion is being held. Not only will you get to enjoy the nice weather, but you may learn something new about your family history.

Get up and dance! Put on your family’s favorite songs and mingle with your relatives on the dance floor. Give a prize to whomever has the best moves or can dance the longest.

Give a prize to

whomever has the best

dance moves or can

dance the longest.

If you’re feeling competitive, challenge your family to a game of pick-up football or basketball. You can bond with your family members as you work together to beat the other team.

Play water sports or games, like swimming, running through a sprinkler, or having a water balloon fight. By cooling off with water, your family will be able to be active for a longer amount of time.

March 2014​​​​​

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