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Kids and Kidney Disease: Know the Risks

Don’t wait until your next family reunion to share the risks of kidney disease in children with the parents in your life.

Did you know that some diseases and conditions, like high blood pressure and diabetes, put children at risk for kidney disease? We may tend to think that kidney disease only affects adults, but children are at risk for developing this condition as well.

Your child may also be at risk for kidney disease if he or she:

  • is overweight
  • has pain in the back, side, or lower belly
  • complains of burning or pain when urinating, has changes in the urine, or often wets his or her pants
  • has unexplained fever
  • has swelling in the feet, ankles, or legs
  • wakes up with swollen eyelids
  • becomes dehydrated often
  • has a family member with kidney disease
an image of a doctor checking the pulse of a young child

The National Kidney Disease Education Program provides useful resources to download and attach to e-mails including Is My Child at Risk For Kidney Disease?. Don’t wait until the next time you see your family to show them you care about their health!

August 6, 2014​​

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