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Talk With Your Faith Community

You don’t need to be an expert to be a kidney champion for your fa​ith community. There are simple things you can do to get involved.​

Inspire Conversation

People turn to their places of worship to get accurate, useful information about issues that make a difference in their community. Be the one to raise awareness about the risks for kidney disease and the importance of getting tested. Plan a Kidney Sundays event today.​
Wanda Phillips I mother, wife, family reunion planner, and kidney donor
"Kidney Sundays is a great way to
help churches get the conversations started about diabetes, obesity,
high blood pressure, and eating habits, and how each relates to kidney health."

NKDEP’s Family Reunion Health Guide, open to show the type of content available such as a sample letter to share online with family members.
Kidney Sunday​s: A Toolkit (PDF, 1.43 MB)
Health ministry leaders – or anyone interested in bringing health programming to their congregation – can use this toolkit to help make the kidney connection.​



How to Host a Kidney Sundays Event
How to Host a Kidney Sundays Event (4:09)

Turner Memorial AME Church shows how to plan a successful Kidney Sundays event.

You Can Start B​y:

  1. Holding conversations about kidney health with your congregation. Become a kidney champion with our easy-to-use talking points (PDF, 1.43 MB).
  2. Handing out materials to members of your congregation to take home and read on their own. Share materials (PDF, 1.43 MB) that highlight useful kidney facts and tips.
  3. Partnering with a health facility or organization to host a health screening. Review our list of potential partners (PDF, 1.43 MB) for your upcoming event.​

Simp​le Ways to Get Involved Right Now

Make the Kidney Connection​ (PDF, 729 KB)
Place this flyer about kidney health in your church bulletin or announcements

Order materials​
Use our healthy eating tips to talk to your family about kidney disease at meal time​

​​Share this message

Show your concern for your faith community's health with a personalized note. See sample email​​:

Hi faith family! Your health is important. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, don’t forget to talk with your doctor about kidney disease testing. For more information on kidney disease and its risk factors, visit http://www.niddk.nih.gov/​.​

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