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A chart showing a food image in the left column and tips for that food item on the right. The first row show a salt shaker with the tip, choose and prepare foods with less salt (sodium). Use less salt at the table. The second row shows a fish with the tip, select the right kinds and smaller amounts of protein. The third row shows an apple with the tip, choose foods that are healthy for your heart, like lean cuts of meat, skinless chicken, fish, fruits, vegetables, and beans. The fourth row shows a nutrition facts label with the tip, read the nutrition facts label, especially for sodium, to help you pick the right foods and drinks.

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Download this chart that lists diet tips to help slow down CKD and share with your patient members.

Sample image of an illustration demonstrating where the kidneys are located in the human body.

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Cover of Keep the Beat Recipe Book from NHLBI. 

Keep the Beat Recipe Book from NHLBI

Includes ​healthy eating recipes that are good for the heart and kidneys.
Image of CUSP tool from AHRQ. 

Patient and Family Engagement Tool from AHRQ

Includes ​healthy eating recipes that are good for the heart and kidneys.
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2014 National Chronic Kidney Disease Fact Sheet from CDC

Get the latest statistics on chronic kidney disease from CDC.

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