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Get Moving to Take Charge of Your Health

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You don't have to do boring exercise routines to be active. Fun activities can be good for you, too!

Be active to look and feel better!

Don't do it because you're “supposed to.” Be active to...

  • Get better control of your weight, a more toned look, and stronger muscles
  • Have more energy for other fun times, like hanging out with your friends
  • Make friends who share your interests in dance, sports, or other activities
  • Improve your mood and ability to focus for sports and school


Here's how your activity can add up:
  • ​10 minu​tes – Walking/biking to a friend's house
  • 30 minutes – Shooting hoops
  • 20 minutes – Dancing
  • +
  • 60 minutes of activity!

Get up and move!​

  • Be active for 60 minutes a day. (You don't have to do it a​ll at once.)
  • Enjoy the outdoors with these activities: jumping rope, playing frisbee or flag-football, and skateboarding.
  • Join a school sports or dance team. Jump into a neighborhood pick-up game of basketball or softball.
  • Pitch in to help keep your area's sidewalks, sports fields, parks, and athletic centers clean and usable.


​Stay active indoors too!​

  • Play indoor sports when it's cold or wet outside.
  • Sit less. Watching TV, gaming, and surfing the web are fun but inactive, so spend less time in front of the screen.
  • Dance to your favorite music by yourself, or have a dance party with friends.
  • If you have a gaming system, choose active dance and sports games that track your movement.


Have fun with your friends!

  • Be active with your friends to support each other and make moving fun.
  • Mix it up. Choose different kinds of group activity:
    • Sports
    • Active games
    • Actions that get you moving, like walking around the mall
  • Take the President's Challenge (http://www.fitness.gov​) or sign up with your friends for other fun, lively challenges
Boy and girl swiming


Get the facts!

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Check out http://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/health-communication-programs/win/Pages/default.aspx and our short booklet for teens: Take Charge of Your Health! A Guide for Teenagers! Join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/NIDDKgov/.


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September 2011​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​