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Hypothyroidism: Symptoms and Treatment

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Sep 24, 2012 | Download Audio

Dr. Rodgers talks about the symptoms and treatment of hypothyroidism.


It's a common, chronic disorder and one of the easiest to treat. Do you know what it is?

Hi, I'm Dr. Griffin Rodgers with the National Institutes of Health.

The answer is – hypothyroidism. With this disorder, the thyroid gland doesn't produce enough hormone. Hypothyroidism affects women much more than men.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism include: weight gain, dry skin and hair, a puffy face, muscle cramps, and feeling tired, depressed, and cold. If you notice that you're feeling different than usual and have these symptoms, see a doctor.

Once hypothyroidism is diagnosed, it's easy to treat with daily medications -- if you take the right amount. Taking too little or too much can lead to other problems. It's important to take thyroid medications exactly as ordered.

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This is Dr. Griffin Rodgers with the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

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