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Break Through Your Physical Activity Roadblock: Setbacks

Setbacks don’t equal starting over—aim for moderation and focus on the overall journey.

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DR. RODGERS: Summer means picnics, barbeques, potlucks—and temptations. How do you enjoy and stick to your health goals?

Hi, I’m Dr. Griffin Rodgers, Director of the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive, and Kidney Diseases. Matthew Lyons, a yoga instructor and men’s health advocate, has some tips.

MATTHEW LYONS: A healthy weight can prevent or delay diabetes, kidney and heart disease, and more. But it’s challenging to break bad food habits—it’s the one step forward, two steps back scenario.

I’ve been there! I get excited to eat healthy and buy a lot of veggies and lean proteins. In two days, I’m stuck feeling guilty for eating a giant bowl of popcorn.

But setbacks don’t equal starting over. A poor choice at day 12 or 28 on the path to healthier eating doesn’t undo all the progress made.

Don’t give up. Treat yourself sometimes, aim for moderation, and focus on the overall journey.

DR. RODGERS: For more information, follow us on Twitter @NIDDKgov. This is Dr. Griffin Rodgers.

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