A Helpful Hint for Diabetes Caregivers

Dr. Rodgers and caregiver Peggy Lewis share suggestions for helping elderly parents and relatives with diabetes.

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DR. RODGERS: Meal planning for older adults is important – particularly if they have a disease like diabetes.

Hi, I’m Dr. Griffin Rodgers, bringing you Healthy Moments from the NIH. I’m the Director of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

If your elderly parent or relative has diabetes, you know that it’s critical for them to keep their blood sugar under control. Eating more than usual, eating foods that are high in sugar, eating less than usual, or delaying a meal can negatively affect their blood sugar levels.

Caregiver, Peggy Lewis, shared her experience and suggestions with us:

PEGGY LEWIS: I think it’s important to realize when you’re not with elderly parents that you’ve got to still check with them, because they will forget to eat when they’re by themselves. So it’s important to make that phone call just to say, "Did you have breakfast? Have you had lunch?"

DR. RODGERS: To learn more about diabetes and aging, follow us on Twitter @NIDDKgov. This is Dr. Griffin Rodgers with the NIH.

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