Having a Plan to Manage Your Diabetes

Dr. Rodgers points out that our Make a Plan tool can help people with diabetes manage their condition.

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If you have diabetes, keeping it under control is something to think about every day. Having a plan in place can help, and we have a tool that can assist you with that planning.

Hi, I'm Dr. Griffin Rodgers, Director of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases at NIH.

Last week I talked about how important it is for people with diabetes to take steps to manage it every day. To keep your blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels in check, it helps to make a plan. To start, here are some questions to help you:

  • What's hardest about caring for your diabetes?
  • Why is this important to you?
  • What is your goal?
  • And what gets in the way of you making a change to reach your goal?

When it comes to managing your diabetes, it's important to make a plan. For help, use our Make a Plan tool.

To learn more and download the Make a Plan tool, follow us on Twitter @HealthyMoments. This is Dr. Griffin Rodgers.

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