Webinar - Engaging the Disengaged Patient

Chronically problematic self-management is one of the major contributors to poor metabolic outcomes in diabetes. Patients are often unable or unwilling to take medications regularly, follow a diabetes-friendly style of eating, exercise regularly, check blood glucose levels as prescribed and/or return for regular appointments. This is rarely due to a lack of motivation; indeed, almost everyone would prefer to live a long and healthy life. Given the limited time available for clinical consultations, what can the busy health care professional do to help patients address difficult obstacles such as diabetes distress, depression, and behavior change? During this webinar, William Polonsky, PhD, CDE, President and Founder of the Behavioral Diabetes Institute, shares research findings concerning poor motivation in diabetes care, describes techniques for assessing key contributors to patient disengagement, and presents practical methods for overcoming patient disengagement in diabetes clinical practice. This webinar was held in May 2015.

Engaging the Disengaged Patient - Slides (PDF, 4.09 MB)

Engaging the Disengaged Patient - Transcript (DOC, 196 KB)