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Renal Imaging Workshop

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Event Details


The objective of this workshop is to chart a path forward to functional renal imaging. We plan to cover the state of the art in renal imaging and learn from other fields. Toward future clinical use, we will also hear about FDA qualification of imaging biomarkers and other translational challenges.


Bruce Molitoris, Indiana

Lilach Lerman, Mayo

Pottumarthi Prasad, Northshore

Kevin Bennett, Washington University in St. Louis

John Sedor, Cleveland Clinic

Alan Koretsky, NINDS (intramural)

Andrew Arai, NHLBI (intramural)

Shumin Wang, NIBIB

Maren Laughlin, NIDDK

Rob Star, NIDDK

Paul Kimmel, NIDDK

Daniel Gossett, NIDDK

Registration Deadline

July 1, 2018