Action for Health in Diabetes

Acronym: Look AHEAD NIDDK Contact: Mary Evans Principal Investigator(s): Not Available

Look AHEAD is a 16-center, randomized clinical trial investigating the long-term health effects of an intensive lifestyle intervention designed to produce weight loss. Look AHEAD enrolled 5,145 overweight or obese participants with type 2 diabetes, ages 45-76. Participants were randomized to one of two interventions: an intensive lifestyle intervention or a control condition, diabetes support and education arm. The primary hypothesis is that the incidence rate of the first post-randomization occurrence of a composite outcome, which includes fatal and non-fatal myocardial infarction, fatal and non-fatal stroke, hospitalized angina, and cardiovascular death will be reduced among participants assigned to the lifestyle Intervention compared to those assigned to the control condition. Follow-up was planned for a period of up to 13.5 years after randomization.
The Look AHEAD intensive lifestyle intervention ended September, 2012. Participants continue to be followed to determine the long-term effects of the intervention on health outcomes.
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