Use of nitrite salts for the treatment of cardiovascular conditions (U.S. Patent Application Number 20070154569 A1 )

Acronym: Not Available NIDDK Contact: Principal Investigator(s): Alan Schechter


It has been surprisingly discovered that administration of nitrite to subjects causes a reduction in blood pressure and an increase in blood flow to tissues. The effect is particularly beneficial, for example, to tissues in regions of low oxygen tension. This discovery provides useful treatments to regulate a subject's blood pressure and blood flow, for example, by the administration of nitrite salts. Provided herein are methods of administering a pharmaceutically-acceptable nitrite salt to a subject, for treating, preventing or ameliorating a condition selected from: (a) ischemia-reperfusion injury (e.g., hepatic or cardiac or brain ischemia-reperfusion injury); (b) pulmonary hypertension (e.g., neonatal pulmonary hypertension); or (c) cerebral artery vasospasm.

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