Use of homo sapiens chromosome 1 open reading frame 28 (c1orf28) in the diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism-jaw tumor syndrome (U.S. Patent Application Number WO 2003094860 A3)

Acronym: Not Available NIDDK Contact: Principal Investigator(s): Sunita Agarwal


The present invention provides an isolated or purified oligonucleotide consisting essentially of the nucleotide sequence of Clorf28 and comprising a mutation; a fragment of the oligonucleotide; a vector comprising the oligonucleotide or fragment thereof; a cell comprising the vector; an isolated or purified polypeptide encoded by the above oligonucleotide or fragment thereof; a method of detecting HPT-JT or a predisposition to HPT-JT in a human, which method comprises detecting either at least one mutation in a nucleic acid comprising the nucleotide sequence of C1orf28 or a mutant C1orf28 protein; and an antibody which binds to a mutant C1orf28 protein.

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