Programmable self-assembled nanostructures based on sidechain-modified pna for the multivalent display of ligands (U.S. Patent Number EP 2569328 A2)

Acronym: Not Available NIDDK Contact: Principal Investigator(s): Daniel Appella


The invention concerns compositions comprising strands of polynucleotide and strands of PNA, each PNA strand comprising:

  • (i) from 2 to 50 nucleobase subunits and
  • (ii) one or more gamma substituents.

The PNA strands are complementary to at least a portion of at least some of the polynucleotide strands, and the molar ratio of PNA strands to polynucleotide strands being at least 1:1. Certain gamma substituents are capable of effecting attachment of a PNA strand to a cell. The invention also concerns construction of nanostructure platforms and vaccines and use of the inventive compositions in inhibiting disease states in mammals.

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