Methanocarba cycloalkyl Nucleoside Analogues (U.S. Patent Number 7,790,735)

Acronym: Not Available NIDDK Contact: Principal Investigator(s): Kenneth Jacobson


The present invention provides novel nucleoside and nucleotide derivatives that are useful agonist or antagonists of P1 and P2 receptors. For example, the present invention provides a compound of formula A-M, wherein A is modified adenine or uracil and M is a constrained cycloalkyl group. The adenine or uracil is bonded to the constrained cycloalkyl group. The compounds of the present invention are useful in the treatment or prevention of various diseases including airway diseases (through A2B, A3, P2Y2 receptors), cancer (through A3, P2 receptors), cardiac arrhythmias (through A1 receptors), cardiac ischemia (through A1, A3 receptors), epilepsy (through A1, P2X receptors), and Huntington's Disease (through A2A receptors).‚Äč

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