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R01 Research Project Grant

Assay Development and Screening to Discover Therapeutic or Imaging Agents for Diseases of Interest to the NIDDK (R01)

The goal of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to develop, validate, or conduct a screen using a novel assay to identify therapeutic or imaging agents relevant to health related outcomes of interest to the NIDDK. It is expected that state of the art measures of basic cellular processes or molecular events that are key mediators of disease pathogenesis are incorporated into these novel assays. Such assays should be useable in screens for molecules that modulate or monitor these processes or events in an unbiased and efficient manner. In particular, the NIDDK is interested in assays utilizing phenotypic readouts that provide opportunities to measure disease-relevant endpoints and lay the groundwork for future therapeutic and imaging agent discovery and development programs. It is expected that there is significant novelty in the assay approach to be developed or library to be screened and that this is articulated clearly in the application. It is not intended to support research focused on understanding normal biology, disease processes, or performing later-stage optimization of therapeutic or imaging agents.
At the end of the project period, a successful project will have either 1) developed and validated a novel assay suitable for identifying prototype therapeutic or imaging agents or 2) utilized a novel assay to identify prototype therapeutic or imaging agents.

Full AnnouncementPA-16-374
Notice(s) for this Opportunity


Open Date9/5/2016
Letter of Intent Due Date
30 days prior to the application due date
Application Due Date

‚ÄčStandard dates apply, by 5:00 PM local time of applicant organization. All types of non-AIDS applications allowed for this funding opportunity announcement are due on these dates.

Applicants are encouraged to apply early to allow adequate time to make any corrections to errors found in the application during the submission process by the due date.
Program ContactAaron C. Pawlyk, Ph.D.

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