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Previous Associates

Photos of select Section on Carbohydrates associates are provided below. A list of current section staff is also available.

​​Photo of Claude Hudson
Claude Hudson

Photo of Hewitt Fletcher 
Hewitt G. Fletcher
Photo of Cornelis Glaudemans
Cornelis (Neil) P. J. Glaudemans 1973-1998
Clifford B. Purves
Clifford B. Purves
1926-1929 (CAN)
Robert Ness, retired
Robert Ness
1949-1975 (USA)
Emanuel Zissis,  retired
Emanuel Zissis
1950-1980 (USA)
Christian Pedersen 1959-1960 (Photo not available) Currently The Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby  
Christian Pedersen
1959-1960 (DEN)

Donald E. Kiely (current photo) 1967-1968.  Currently: Professor Emeritus, University of Montana.
Donald E. Kiely
1967-1968 (USA)​

Nirmolendu Roy 1967-1968 Currently : Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science
Nirmolendu Roy
1967-1968 (IND)
Maurice Bertollini 1968-1971 Currently : Abbot Laboratories
Maurice Bertollini
1968-1971 (ITA)

Akira Hasegawa 1971-1972 (Deceased October 10, 1996)
Akira Hasegawa
1971-1972 (JPN)

Michael E. Jolley 1972-1974
Michael E. Jolley
1972-1974 (USA)

Miroslav Pokorny 1974 Currently : Pharmaceutical Industry,  Croitia
Miroslav Pokorny
1974 (YUG)

Jelka Tomasic 1974-1976 Currently : Institute of Immunology, Zagreb (Croatia)
Jelka Tomasic
1974-1976 (YUG)

B. N. Manjula 1974-1977
B. N. Manjula
1974-1977 (IND)
M. K. Das 1975-1979
M. K. Das
1975-1979 (IND)

D. G. Streefkerk 1976-1978
D. G. Streefkerk
1976-1978 (NED)

Larry G. Bennett 1977-1979
Larry G. Bennett
1977-1979 (USA)

Apurba K. Bhattacharjee 1977-1983 Currently : Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, DC, U.S.A.
Apurba K. Bhattacharjee
1977-1983 (BAN)

Arati Roy 1978-1981
Arati Roy
1978-1981 (IND)

Kathy Catron 1979
Kathy Catron
1979 (USA)

Ytzak Ittah 1980
Ytzak Ittah
1980 (ISR)

Yoshi Sone 1980-1981 Currently : Gifu University, Japan
Yoshi Sone
1980-1981 (JPN)

Goran Ekborg 1980-1984 Currently : NIH, Bethesda, MD, U.S.A.
Goran Ekborg
1980-1984 (SWE)

Branka Vranesic 1981-1982 Currently : Institute of Immunology, Zagreb, (Croatia)
Branka Vranesic
1981-1982 (YUG)

Akemi Nishikawa 1983-1984 Currently: Meiji College of Pharmacy, Tokyo, Japan
Akemi Nishikawa
1983-1984 (JPN)

Eugenia M. Nashed
1984-1995 (POL)
Grace Jung 1986
Grace Jung
1986 (CAN)

Guillermo Perdomo 1987-1988 Currently : Eastman Kodak, Kingsport,   TN, U.S.A.
Guillermo Perdomo
1987-1988 (USA)

Milton Kern 1987-1989 deceased
Milton Kern
1987-1989 (USA)

Hsu T. Lin 1988 Currently at BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  Birmingham, AL.
Hsu T. Lin
1988 (TPE)

Thomas Ziegler 1988-1989 Currently : Cologne University, Germany
Thomas Ziegler
1988-1989 (GER)

S. R. Arepalli 1988-1994 Currently : FDA, Bethesda, MD,  U.S.A
S. R. Arepalli
1988-1994 (IND)
G. Doyle Daves 1989 Currently : Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, N.Y., U.S.A.
G. Doyle Daves
1989 (USA)
Viliam Pavliak 1989-1991 Pavliak Currently at Wyeth-Lederle  Vaccines, West Henrietta, NY.
Viliam Pavliak
1989-1991 (SVK)
Eva Petrakova 1990-1995
Eva Petrakova
1990-1995 (SVK)

Laurie Mulard 1992-1994 Currently : Institute Pasteur, Paris,  France
Laurie Mulard
1992-1994 (FRA)

Makoto Gotoh 1993-1994 Currently : Nihon Nohyaku Co., Japan
Makoto Gotoh
1993-1994 (JPN)

Yuji Ogawa 1994-1996 Currently : Fuji Pharmaceutical Co.,  Japan
Yuji Ogawa
1994-1996 (JPN)

Charles E. Miller 1994-1998 Currently at CuraGen Corporation, Guilford, CT.
Charles E. Miller
1994-1998 (USA)

Ping-shen Lei 1995-1996 Currently at Institute of Material  Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Science, Beijing.
Ping-shen Lei
1995-1996 (CHN)
Gyorgy (George) Hodosi 1995-1997
Gyorgy (George) Hodosi
1995-1997 (HUN)
Jin Wang 1995-1997 Currently at NIH, NIAID, Bethesda, MD.
Jin Wang
1995-1997 (CHN)

Jian (Jeff) Zhang 1996-1998 Currently at Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, MD.
Jian (Jeff) Zhang
1996-1998 (CHN)

Cara-Lynn Shengrund 1998 Currently: Pennsylvania State University,  Hershey, PA, USA
Cara-Lynn Shengrund
1998 (USA)
Alex H.C. Chang 1998-1999 Currently at Pfanstiehl Laboratories,  Inc.
Alex H. C. Chang
1998-1999 (USA)

Xiaodong Zhang 1998-1999
Xiaodong Zhang
1998-1999 (CHN)
Ximan (Maggie) Liao 1999 Currently at Uniformed Services , Bethesda, MD
Ximan (Maggie) Liao
1999 (CHN)

Emmanuel Poirot 1999-2001
Emmanuel Poirot
1999-2001 (FRA)

Anatoli Chernyak, 1999-2003
Anatoli Chernyak
1999-2003 (RUS)

Photo of Rina Saksena
Rina Saksena
2000-2008 (IND)

Xingquan Ma, 2002-2003
Xingquan Ma
2002-2003 (CHN)

Photo of Bart Ruttens
Bart Ruttens
2003-2006 (BEL)
Photo of Roberto Adamo
Roberto Adamo
2004-2006 (ITA)
Photo of Frank Hou
Shu-jie (Frank) Hou
2005-2010 (CHN)

Photo of Deepak Sail 2007 - 2012
Deepak Sail
2007-2012 (IND)

Photo of Aileen Bongat
Aileen Bongat
2008-2010 (PHI)