U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Integrative Physiology Section

Kevin D. Hall, Ph.D., Chief

About the Section

The Integrative Physiology Section focuses on applying mathematical models to metabolism and body weight regulation.

Current Research 

Understanding the dynamics of human body weight change has important consequences for conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, starvation, and wasting syndromes such as anorexia nervosa and cancer cachexia. By using mathematical modeling to quantitatively integrate metabolism data with body weight and composition data, Dr. Kevin Hall's research aims to substantially improve our understanding of body weight regulation and develop practical tools for research and clinical use.
Please note: the Body Weight Planner supersedes the research tools provided in the computational modeling of human metabolism and body weight change and modeling weight loss maintenance spreadsheets linked below.
  1. Body Weight Planner

  2. Computational modeling of human metabolism and body weight change

  3. Modeling weight loss maintenance

    Dr. Hall proposed a mathematical model to calculate the changes of dietary energy intake and physical activity required to maintain a given body weight change and prevent weight regain. 

Should you have any accessibility issues with the tools on the pages above, please contact Dr. Hall directly by phone: 301-402-8248 or Email: Kevinh@niddk.nih.gov.

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