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Patents, materials, and other research resources appear below. Some resources may be available for use through Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) or licensing agreements.

Resource Name Description
Mini Mu containing plasmid and a method for rapid DNA sequencing (U.S. Patent Number 4,716,105)
The present invention discloses a rapid method of sequencing a relatively large segment of deoxyribonucleic acid. The method in part comprises high frequency insertion of a suitable transposon into a segment of DNA of interest. Preferable use of Mu…
Detection of nucleic acid sequence variations using phase Mu transposase (U.S. Patent Number 7,316,903)

The present invention relates, e.g., to a method of detecting a mismatch in a double stranded nucleic acid target, comprising (a) contacting the target with (i) a Mu-end nucleic acid, and (ii) a phage Mu transposase, under conditions effective for…

DNA sequence acting as an insulator for the effects of cis-acting regulatory elements (5′-HS4 chicken β-globin insulator)

A newly characterized chromatin insulator element isolated from the DNA of a higher eukaryotic organism and contained in vector constructs is described. The insulator element of the invention comprises a DNA sequence which contains a 5’ constitutive…

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