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Podocin-rtTA (Tg(NPHS2-rtTA2*M2)1Jbk Mouse (Mutant Mouse: The tet transactivator (rtTA) gene placed under the control of the human NPHS2 gene).)

Reverse tetracycline-controlled transgenic mouse model (Tet-On) under the control of the specific promoter for the glomerular podocyte protein (Podocin, NPHS2).

Podocytes are post-mitotic epithelial cells that are positioned on the exterior aspect of…

Inducible podocyte-specific gene expression in transgenic mice (Podocin/rtTA DNA transgene)

The podocyte plays a key role in glomerular function and glomerular disease. To facilitate studies of podocyte function, we have developed a transgenic mouse model with inducible expression in the podocyte. The tetracycline-inducible transgenic…

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