Joining Soon: Ross Cheloha, Ph.D., Stadtman Tenure-Track Investigator

Dr. Cheloha and the Chemical Biology in Signaling Section are joining the Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry in October 2020.

Photo of Dr. Ross Cheloha.

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Open Positions

Postdoctoral Fellow(s), Post-baccalaureate student. Please email for more information

Current Research

This section aims to develop new methods and tools applied to the study of biomolecules of interest, with a focus on designing new compounds for targeting cell surface receptors. We are particularly interested in the preparation of conjugates that consist of synthetic molecules and proteins. Towards this end, we develop new methods of protein preparation and conjugation, undertake medicinal chemistry campaigns, and perform pharmacological assays. These approaches focus on the pharmacology of G protein-coupled receptors, a family of proteins which constitute the target of over a quarter of approved therapeutics, with a specific emphasis on receptors relevant for the treatment of osteoporosis, diabetes, and inflammation. Findings from these studies will guide the rational design of therapeutics with improved properties.

Select Publications

Improved GPCR ligands from nanobody tethering
Abstract/Full Text
Internalization of Influenza Virus and Cell Surface Proteins Monitored by Site-Specific Conjugation of Protease-Sensitive Probes
Abstract/Full Text
Recognition of Class II MHC Peptide Ligands That Contain β-Amino Acids
Abstract/Full Text
A nanobody that recognizes a 14-residue peptide epitope in the E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme UBC6e modulates its activity
Abstract/Full Text
Backbone modification of a polypeptide drug alters duration of action in vivo
Abstract/Full Text