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OPA1 helical structures give perspective to mitochondrial dysfunction.
Nyenhuis SB, Wu X, Strub MP, Yim YI, Stanton AE, Baena V, Syed ZA, Canagarajah B, Hammer JA, Hinshaw JE.
Nature (2023 Aug) 620:1109-1116. Abstract/Full Text
Cryo-EM structures reveal multiple stages of bacterial outer membrane protein folding.
Doyle MT, Jimah JR, Dowdy T, Ohlemacher SI, Larion M, Hinshaw JE, Bernstein HD.
Cell (2022 Mar 31) 185:1143-1156.e13. Abstract/Full Text
Dynamin regulates the dynamics and mechanical strength of the actin cytoskeleton as a multifilament actin-bundling protein.
Zhang R, Lee DM, Jimah JR, Gerassimov N, Yang C, Kim S, Luvsanjav D, Winkelman J, Mettlen M, Abrams ME, Kalia R, Keene P, Pandey P, Ravaux B, Kim JH, Ditlev JA, Zhang G, Rosen MK, Frost A, Alto NM, Gardel M, Schmid SL, Svitkina TM, Hinshaw JE, Chen EH.
Nat Cell Biol (2020 Jun) 22:674-688. Abstract/Full Text
Cryo-EM of the dynamin polymer assembled on lipid membrane.
Kong L, Sochacki KA, Wang H, Fang S, Canagarajah B, Kehr AD, Rice WJ, Strub MP, Taraska JW, Hinshaw JE.
Nature (2018 Aug) 560:258-262. Abstract/Full Text
A hemi-fission intermediate links two mechanistically distinct stages of membrane fission.
Mattila JP, Shnyrova AV, Sundborger AC, Hortelano ER, Fuhrmans M, Neumann S, Müller M, Hinshaw JE, Schmid SL, Frolov VA.
Nature (2015 Aug 6) 524:109-113. Abstract/Full Text

Additional Publications

Molecular mechanics underlying flat-to-round membrane budding in live secretory cells.
Shin W, Zucker B, Kundu N, Lee SH, Shi B, Chan CY, Guo X, Harrison JT, Turechek JM, Hinshaw JE, Kozlov MM, Wu LG.
Nat Commun (2022 Jun 27) 13:3697. Abstract/Full Text
Synthesis and Effect of Conformationally Locked Carbocyclic Guanine Nucleotides on Dynamin.
Toti KS, Jimah JR, Salmaso V, Hinshaw JE, Jacobson KA.
Biomolecules (2022 Apr 16) 12. Abstract/Full Text
Reconstitution of human atlastin fusion activity reveals autoinhibition by the C terminus.
Crosby D, Mikolaj MR, Nyenhuis SB, Bryce S, Hinshaw JE, Lee TH.
J Cell Biol (2022 Feb 7) 221. Abstract/Full Text
The structure and spontaneous curvature of clathrin lattices at the plasma membrane.
Sochacki KA, Heine BL, Haber GJ, Jimah JR, Prasai B, Alfonzo-Méndez MA, Roberts AD, Somasundaram A, Hinshaw JE, Taraska JW.
Dev Cell (2021 Apr 19) 56:1131-1146.e3. Abstract/Full Text
Structural Insights into the Mechanism of Dynamin Superfamily Proteins.
Jimah JR, Hinshaw JE.
Trends Cell Biol (2019 Mar) 29:257-273. Abstract/Full Text
Author Correction: Cryo-EM of the dynamin polymer assembled on lipid membrane.
Kong L, Sochacki KA, Wang H, Fang S, Canagarajah B, Kehr AD, Rice WJ, Strub MP, Taraska JW, Hinshaw JE.
Nature (2018 Dec) 564:E6. Abstract/Full Text
Structure and function of yeast Atg20, a sorting nexin that facilitates autophagy induction.
Popelka H, Damasio A, Hinshaw JE, Klionsky DJ, Ragusa MJ.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2017 Nov 21) 114:E10112-E10121. Abstract/Full Text
Membrane fission by dynamin: what we know and what we need to know.
Antonny B, Burd C, De Camilli P, Chen E, Daumke O, Faelber K, Ford M, Frolov VA, Frost A, Hinshaw JE, Kirchhausen T, Kozlov MM, Lenz M, Low HH, McMahon H, Merrifield C, Pollard TD, Robinson PJ, Roux A, Schmid S.
EMBO J (2016 Nov 2) 35:2270-2284. Abstract/Full Text
Poxviruses Encode a Reticulon-Like Protein that Promotes Membrane Curvature.
Erlandson KJ, Bisht H, Weisberg AS, Hyun SI, Hansen BT, Fischer ER, Hinshaw JE, Moss B.
Cell Rep (2016 Mar 8) 14:2084-2091. Abstract/Full Text
Adult-onset autosomal dominant spastic paraplegia linked to a GTPase-effector domain mutation of dynamin 2.
Sambuughin N, Goldfarb LG, Sivtseva TM, Davydova TK, Vladimirtsev VA, Osakovskiy VL, Danilova AP, Nikitina RS, Ylakhova AN, Diachkovskaya MP, Sundborger AC, Renwick NM, Platonov FA, Hinshaw JE, Toro C.
BMC Neurol (2015 Oct 30) 15:223. Abstract/Full Text
Dynamins and BAR Proteins-Safeguards against Cancer.
Sundborger AC, Hinshaw JE.
Crit Rev Oncog (2015) 20:475-84. Abstract/Full Text
Regulating dynamin dynamics during endocytosis.
Sundborger AC, Hinshaw JE.
F1000Prime Rep (2014) 6:85. Abstract/Full Text
Dynamin: membrane scission meets physics.
Hurley JH, Hinshaw JE.
Curr Biol (2012 Dec 18) 22:R1047-8. Abstract/Full Text
ArfGAP1 promotes COPI vesicle formation by facilitating coatomer polymerization.
Shiba Y, Luo R, Hinshaw JE, Szul T, Hayashi R, Sztul E, Nagashima K, Baxa U, Randazzo PA.
Cell Logist (2011 Jul-Dec) 1:139-154. Abstract/Full Text
Conformational changes in Dnm1 support a contractile mechanism for mitochondrial fission.
Mears JA, Lackner LL, Fang S, Ingerman E, Nunnari J, Hinshaw JE.
Nat Struct Mol Biol (2011 Jan) 18:20-6. Abstract/Full Text
An endophilin-dynamin complex promotes budding of clathrin-coated vesicles during synaptic vesicle recycling.
Sundborger A, Soderblom C, Vorontsova O, Evergren E, Hinshaw JE, Shupliakov O.
J Cell Sci (2011 Jan 1) 124:133-43. Abstract/Full Text
OPA1 disease alleles causing dominant optic atrophy have defects in cardiolipin-stimulated GTP hydrolysis and membrane tubulation.
Ban T, Heymann JA, Song Z, Hinshaw JE, Chan DC.
Hum Mol Genet (2010 Jun 1) 19:2113-22. Abstract/Full Text
Actin-bundling protein TRIOBP forms resilient rootlets of hair cell stereocilia essential for hearing.
Kitajiri S, Sakamoto T, Belyantseva IA, Goodyear RJ, Stepanyan R, Fujiwara I, Bird JE, Riazuddin S, Riazuddin S, Ahmed ZM, Hinshaw JE, Sellers J, Bartles JR, Hammer JA 3rd, Richardson GP, Griffith AJ, Frolenkov GI, Friedman TB.
Cell (2010 May 28) 141:786-98. Abstract/Full Text
Lipid-regulated sterol transfer between closely apposed membranes by oxysterol-binding protein homologues.
Schulz TA, Choi MG, Raychaudhuri S, Mears JA, Ghirlando R, Hinshaw JE, Prinz WA.
J Cell Biol (2009 Dec 14) 187:889-903. Abstract/Full Text
Dynamins at a glance.
Heymann JA, Hinshaw JE.
J Cell Sci (2009 Oct 1) 122:3427-31. Abstract/Full Text
Membrane-bending proteins.
Prinz WA, Hinshaw JE.
Crit Rev Biochem Mol Biol (2009 Sep-Oct) 44:278-91. Abstract/Full Text
A possible effector role for the pleckstrin homology (PH) domain of dynamin.
Bethoney KA, King MC, Hinshaw JE, Ostap EM, Lemmon MA.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2009 Aug 11) 106:13359-64. Abstract/Full Text
Autoinhibition of Arf GTPase-activating protein activity by the BAR domain in ASAP1.
Jian X, Brown P, Schuck P, Gruschus JM, Balbo A, Hinshaw JE, Randazzo PA.
J Biol Chem (2009 Jan 16) 284:1652-63. Abstract/Full Text
Chemical inhibition of the mitochondrial division dynamin reveals its role in Bax/Bak-dependent mitochondrial outer membrane permeabilization.
Cassidy-Stone A, Chipuk JE, Ingerman E, Song C, Yoo C, Kuwana T, Kurth MJ, Shaw JT, Hinshaw JE, Green DR, Nunnari J.
Dev Cell (2008 Feb) 14:193-204. Abstract/Full Text
Visualization of dynamins.
Mears JA, Hinshaw JE.
Methods Cell Biol (2008) 88:237-56. Abstract/Full Text
A corkscrew model for dynamin constriction.
Mears JA, Ray P, Hinshaw JE.
Structure (2007 Oct) 15:1190-202. Abstract/Full Text
Filling the GAP for dynamin.
Hinshaw JE.
Nat Cell Biol (2006 May) 8:432-3. Abstract/Full Text
Mdv1 interacts with assembled dnm1 to promote mitochondrial division.
Naylor K, Ingerman E, Okreglak V, Marino M, Hinshaw JE, Nunnari J.
J Biol Chem (2006 Jan 27) 281:2177-83. Abstract/Full Text
A BAR domain in the N terminus of the Arf GAP ASAP1 affects membrane structure and trafficking of epidermal growth factor receptor.
Nie Z, Hirsch DS, Luo R, Jian X, Stauffer S, Cremesti A, Andrade J, Lebowitz J, Marino M, Ahvazi B, Hinshaw JE, Randazzo PA.
Curr Biol (2006 Jan 24) 16:130-9. Abstract/Full Text
Dnm1 forms spirals that are structurally tailored to fit mitochondria.
Ingerman E, Perkins EM, Marino M, Mears JA, McCaffery JM, Hinshaw JE, Nunnari J.
J Cell Biol (2005 Sep 26) 170:1021-7. Abstract/Full Text
Molecular architecture of a eukaryotic DNA transposase.
Hickman AB, Perez ZN, Zhou L, Musingarimi P, Ghirlando R, Hinshaw JE, Craig NL, Dyda F.
Nat Struct Mol Biol (2005 Aug) 12:715-21. Abstract/Full Text
Assay and functional analysis of dynamin-like Mx proteins.
Kochs G, Reichelt M, Danino D, Hinshaw JE, Haller O.
Methods Enzymol (2005) 404:632-43. Abstract/Full Text
Rapid constriction of lipid bilayers by the mechanochemical enzyme dynamin.
Danino D, Moon KH, Hinshaw JE.
J Struct Biol (2004 Sep) 147:259-67. Abstract/Full Text
The stalk region of dynamin drives the constriction of dynamin tubes.
Chen YJ, Zhang P, Egelman EH, Hinshaw JE.
Nat Struct Mol Biol (2004 Jun) 11:574-5. Abstract/Full Text
Nuclear pore complexes exceeding eightfold rotational symmetry.
Hinshaw JE, Milligan RA.
J Struct Biol (2003 Mar) 141:259-68. Abstract/Full Text
Three-dimensional reconstruction of dynamin in the constricted state.
Zhang P, Hinshaw JE.
Nat Cell Biol (2001 Oct) 3:922-6. Abstract/Full Text
Dynamin family of mechanoenzymes.
Danino D, Hinshaw JE.
Curr Opin Cell Biol (2001 Aug) 13:454-60. Abstract/Full Text
Dynamin and its role in membrane fission.
Hinshaw JE.
Annu Rev Cell Dev Biol (2000) 16:483-519. Abstract/Full Text
Dynamin spirals.
Hinshaw JE.
Curr Opin Struct Biol (1999 Apr) 9:260-7. Abstract/Full Text

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A dynamin perspective on endocytosis and coupling to exocytosis.
Kundu N, Hinshaw JE.
In: Exocytosis: From Molecules to Cells. IOP Publishing (2022). Abstract/Full Text
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