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Diet and Physical Activity Assessment Methodology (R21)

This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) encourages innovative research to enhance the quality of measurements of dietary intake and physical activity. Applications submitted to this FOA may include development of: novel assessment approaches; better methods to evaluate instruments; assessment tools for culturally diverse populations or various age groups, including children and older adults; improved technology or applications of existing technology; statistical methods/modeling to improve assessment and/or to correct for measurement errors or biases; methods to investigate the multidimensionality of diet and physical activity behavior through pattern analysis; or integrated measurement of diet and physical activity along with the environmental context of such behaviors.

Funding Opportunity Details

NOT-OD-17-062; NOT-OD-16-004; NOT-OD-16-006; NOT-OD-16-011; NOT-DK-15-012

Mary Evans, Ph.D.

Key Dates


30 days prior to the application due dates

Any due dates on or after Jan 25, 2018 must use reissued FOA.

For new applications: October 16, 2015; June 16, 2016; February 16, 2017; October 16, 2017; and June 16, 2018 (alternating standard due dates).

For resubmission applications: November 16, 2015; July 16, 2016; March 16, 2017; November 16, 2017; and July 16, 2018 (alternating standard due dates) , by 5:00 PM local time of applicant organization. All types of non-AIDS applications allowed for this funding opportunity announcement are due on these dates .

Applicants are encouraged to apply early to allow adequate time to make any corrections to errors found in the application during the submission process by the due date.