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Mentored Research Scientist Development Award

The purpose of the NIDDK K01 award is to provide an intensive, supervised, research and career development experience for nonclinical, doctorally prepared researchers as they transition to independent research careers. 

The K01 award is a nonrenewable grant that provides research support and training for a 3 to 5-year transition period between postdoctoral training and an independent research career.
The NIDDK will provide up to $90,000 per year for salary, the appropriate fringe benefits, and up to $25,000 per year for research support for K01 awards.  There is also an option for an additional $50,000 per year in the last 2 years of the K01 award via the NIDDK Small Grant Program (R03).

How to Apply 

Before applying, read the complete NIDDK funding opportunity announcement (FOA) for the K01, and then contact the appropriate program director at the NIDDK to discuss your eligibility for the award.  Providing your specific aims and your NIH biosketch will expedite this process.

Applicants must have a research-based doctorate (usually a Ph.D.) or comparable nonclinical degree; have completed at least 2 years, but usually not more than 5 years, of postdoctoral training; identify a mentor; and design a strong research proposal. 
Applicants must be available to devote a minimum of 9 calendar months (75 percent of the year) worth of effort to this project.
Applications from Research Associates (or the equivalent) who are supported by NIH Research Project Grant Program (R01) funding are usually not accepted.

Deadlines for Application 

For new applications: February 12, June 12, and October 12
For resubmissions: March 12, July 12, and November 12  

The K01 at the NIDDK

NIDDK has its own K01 FOA and we do not participate in the NIH parent K01 FOA.  We use the K01 to transition Ph.D., or equivalently trained, junior faculty to independence.  We encourage K01 applications in all areas of research supported by the NIDDK. 
The NIDDK supports a small grant program to provide additional support for our K01 investigators to pursue a project without a mentor and demonstrate increasing independence.
View K01 and other Training and Career Development funding opportunities.

 Quick Facts


Grant Title
K01 Research Scientist Development Award

Ph.D., or comparable nonclinical degree, usually within 5 years of having received degree, minimum of 9 calendar months (75%) effort.

Application Deadline
New Applications: 

  • February 12
  • June 12 
  • October 12


  • March 12
  • July 12
  • November 12 

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