U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Grants Management Staff

​​Mailing Address
Division of Extramural Activities
Grants Mgmt Branch, Room 731
6707 Democracy Blvd., MSC 5456
Bethesda, MD 20892-5456
Courier Address
Division of Extramural Activities
Grants Mgmt Branch, Room 731
6707 Democracy Blvd.
Bethesda, MD 20817
Fax: (301) 594-9523​


 Office of the Chief

​Position ​Name  ​Email  ​Phone
​Chief Grants Mgmt Officer Robert Pike pikera@niddk.nih.gov​ (301) 594-8854​
​Deputy Grants Mgmt Officer Dee Doherty dohertyd@niddk.nih.gov (301) 594-8838​


 Kidney, Urology, and Hematology Team

​Position ​Name  ​Email  ​Phone
​Supervisory Grants Mgmt Specialist ​Aretina Perry-Jones aretinap@niddk.nih.gov​ (301) 594-8862​
​Senior Grants Mgmt Specialist Charlette Kenley kenleyc@niddk.nih.gov (301) 594-8847
​Senior Grants Mgmt Specialist Carolyn Kofa kofac@niddk.nih.gov​ (301) 594-7687
Grants Mgmt Specialist​ Amanda Linehan linehana@niddk.nih.gov (301) 594-4749
​Senior Grants Mgmt Specialist ​Pamela Love lovepa@niddk.nih.gov​ (301) 435-6198
​Senior Grants Mgmt Specialist Diana Ly dianaly@niddk.nih.gov (301) 594-9249
Grants Mgmt Specialist Krystle Nicholson nicholsonk@niddk.nih.gov (301) 594-8860​


 Digestive Diseases and Nutrition Team

​Position ​Name  Email 
Supervisory Grants Mgmt Specialist Sharon Bourque​ bourques@niddk.nih.gov ​(301) 594-8846
Senior Grants Mgmt Specialist​​ Helen Cox​ ​coxhh@niddk.nih.gov ​(301) 402-9285
​​​​Senior Grants Mgmt Specialist ​Florence Danshes danshesf@niddk.nih.gov ​(301) 594-8861
Senior Grants Mgmt Specialist​ ​Elizabeth Gutierrez gutierrezel@niddk.nih.gov ​(301) 594-8844
​Grants Mgmt Specialist Karin Mastrangelo​ mastrangelokj@niddk.nih.gov​ ​(301) 443-3603


 Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolic Team

​​Position ​Name  ​Email  ​​Phone​
Supervisory Grants Mgmt Specialist​ ​Mary K. Rosenberg rosenbergm@niddk.nih.gov​ (301) 594-8891​
​Senior Grants Mgmt Specialist ​Craig Bagdon bagdonc@niddk.nih.gov ​(301) 594-2115
​Senior Grants Mgmt Specialist Christina Coriz​ corizc@niddk.nih.gov ​(301) 594-8848
​Senior Grants Mgmt Specialist ​Christine Gill gillc@niddk.nih.gov​ (301) 435-2816​
​Senior Grants Mgmt Specialist Todd Le​ toddle@niddk.nih.gov​ (301) 594-7794​
​Grants Mgmt Specialist ​Natasha Loveless lovelessnd@niddk.nih.gov​ ​(301) 594-8853
​Senior Grants Mgmt Specialist ​Diana O'Donovan odonovand@niddk.nih.gov​ (301) 594-8868​
​Grants Mgmt Specialist​​ Lesley Whipp​ whipplc2@niddk.nih.gov (301) 443-9360​


  Training Team (Fs, Ks, and Ts)

​Position ​Name ​Email ​Phone
​Supervisory Grants Mgmt Specialist, TRN ​Marilyn Rosendorf rosendorfm@niddk.nih.gov ​(301) 402-4625
​Senior Grants Mgmt Specialist​ ​Aricia Ajose ajosea@niddk.nih.gov ​(301) 594-9023
​Senior Grants Mgmt Specialist ​Carey Beckley beckleyc@niddk.nih.gov ​(301) 594-8833
​Senior Grants Mgmt Specialist ​Mitchell Curling curling@niddk.nih.gov ​(301) 594-0417
​Grants Mgmt Specialist ​Christy Ezell ezellc@mail.nih.gov ​(301) 443-9231
​Grants Mgmt Specialist ​Tommy Gunter gunterto@niddk.nih.gov ​(301) 451-3447
​Senior Grants Mgmt Specialist ​Denise Payne denisepayne@niddk.nih.gov ​(301) 594-7451