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Angel de la Cruz Landrau, Ph.D.

Angel de la Cruz Landrau.
Director: Fellowship Office
Career Development, Training, Leadership, Mentoring; Biophysics, Ion Channel, Molecular and Cell Biology

Responsibilities & Activities

As the Director of the Fellowship Office (FO) I oversee and create training and career development opportunities for the NIDDK intramural trainees at different career levels, from high school students to postdoctoral fellows. Also, I mentor and advise our trainees on career planning, conflict resolutions, career exploration, and resources. Some career development and training FO includes science and grant writing, science communication portfolio, networking events, career exploration portfolios, mentoring 101, leadership seminars, and job and professional schools application overviews. Also, the FO supports the Intramural Research Training Awards programs, including the Academic Internship Program, Postbaccalaureate Program, Summer Internship Program, Graduate Partnership Program, and Postdoctoral Program. The FO has launched the NIDDK Distinguished Postbaccalaureate Scholars Program, a program dedicated to individuals who demonstrate commitment to increasing workforce diversity but are also interested in pursuing research at NIDDK.

Fellowship Office Programs

Last Reviewed June 2024