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NIDDK on Twitter

NIDDK on Twitter (@NIDDKgov)

Provides updates on research, news, events, and health information from NIDDK.

NIDDK on Facebook

NIDDK on Facebook (NIDDKgov)

Provides an interactive way to find NIDDK information and share your perspective. The page includes NIDDK resources, news, and user comments.

NIDDK on YouTube

NIDDK on YouTube (NIDDKgov)

Videos on the NIDDK YouTube channel introduce you to the many different aspects of NIDDK research and connect you to our science-based resources.

Diabetes Discoveries & Practice Blog

Dialogue with thought leaders on emerging trends in diabetes care.

Radio Broadcasts

Healthy Moments

Healthy Moments is an annual series of weekly radio episodes featuring Dr. Griffin P. Rodgers, NIDDK Director. Each week Dr. Rodgers provides tips on how to prevent and manage a variety of diseases and conditions.