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Research Resources

NIDDK makes publicly supported resources, data sets, and studies available to researchers to accelerate and lower the cost of new discoveries.

NIDDK Data Management & Sharing

Data Management and Sharing Plans (DMS) Guidance, Tools, and Resources

Learn more about NIDDK DMS Guidance and tools and resources for developing a DMS Plan.

NIDDK Information Network (dkNET)

Supports Robust and Reproducible Science

Visit the dkNET portal to authenticate resources, share data, search databases for existing resources like mouse strains, antibodies, data sets, etc., and to keep up to date on new tools, services, and mandates.

NIDDK Central Repository Resources for Research (NIDDK-CR R4R)

Use Resources from Significant Clinical Research Projects

Visit the Repository to access data and samples to fit your research needs.

Research Centers

Research Services from NIDDK-funded Institutions

Centers support core facilities, specialized expertise, research training, and pilot projects.

Ancillary Studies

Expand Upon the Scope of Major Ongoing Clinical Studies

NIDDK encourages ancillary studies to its large multi-center clinical studies. Investigators may study diseases and conditions that are not within the original scope of the parent study but within the mission of NIDDK.

Technology Advancement

Technology Development, Patenting, Licensing, Material Transfers, and Research Collaboration

NIDDK facilitates the development, exchange, evaluation, patenting, and licensing of new inventions and discoveries.