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Jaron Lockett, Ph.D.

Evaluation and Analysis, Extramural Policy, Operations

Responsibilities & Activities

I oversee the OREO staff to coordinate and support the DEA mission.  I work closely with the DEA leadership and all Division staff related to:

  • NIDDK Advisory Council activities
  • Harmonizing of activities among NIDDK’s extramural divisions and offices
  • Coordinating and performing special evaluations as requested by leadership or other stakeholders
  • Coordinating data reporting for the NIDDK extramural program
  • Coding grants for various reports (end of year reporting-- Women’s health, Minority Health/Health Disparities)
  • Managing NIH Guide publication process and NOFO publications
  • Managing receipt and referral of applications

I have participated in the NIH Management Internship Program, the Mid-Level Leadership Program and various professional development programs.

Committees & Working Groups

  • NIH Planning and Evaluation Committee, Member
Last Reviewed March 2024