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Tammy Massie, Ph.D.

Conducts Research on Statistical Methods; Provides Institute Support with Study Design, Feasibility, and Analytics

Responsibilities & Activities

I have been working for the Federal Government since 2002 as a mathematical statistician. Currently I am in the biostatistics program within NIDDK and provide training in statistical concepts using real world examples and advice to intramural and extramural staff on proposed research studies including phase I-IV protocols, observational studies and participating in clinical trial development from proof of concept to life cycle completion including submission to the FDA and/or publication of results.

For nearly 15 years I was a statistician at the Food and Drug Administration working on a variety of product classes including: drugs, vaccines, immunotherapies, anti-microbial/fungal/viral for a variety of diseases including allergies, HPV, influenza, complicated and uncomplicated infections, pneumonia, etc.

Much of my FDA career was spent at the Center for Biologics in the Vaccine Evaluation Branch which includes both vaccines and allergenic products. It was exciting to be part of the review team for the first approval for sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) including Grastek®, Ragwitek® and Oralair®.

Most recently I worked at the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in the Directorate of Epidemiology, Division of Hazard Analysis identifying products that can harm or kill individuals in expected and unexpected ways such as fireworks-burns, pools-drowning, tree trimming implements-falls/electrocutions, etc.

I earned my Ph.D. in Biostatistics from Medical College of Virginia, my M.S. in Statistics from University of Central Florida, and my B.S. in Mathematics from Richard Stockton University of New Jersey.

Last Reviewed March 2024