Vipul Periwal, Ph.D.
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Scientific Focus Areas: Biomedical Engineering and Biophysics, Cancer Biology, Computational Biology, Developmental Biology, Systems Biology


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Data-driven inference of hidden nodes in networks.
Hoang DT, Jo J, Periwal V.
Phys Rev E (2019 Apr) 99:042114. Abstract/Full Text
A mathematical model of calcium dynamics: Obesity and mitochondria-associated ER membranes.
Han JM, Periwal V.
PLoS Comput Biol (2019 Aug) 15:e1006661. Abstract/Full Text
Block network mapping approach to quantitative trait locus analysis.
Shreif ZZ, Gatti DM, Periwal V.
BMC Bioinformatics (2016 Dec 22) 17:544. Abstract/Full Text
Adaptation of pancreatic islet cyto-architecture during development.
Striegel DA, Hara M, Periwal V.
Phys Biol (2016 Apr 11) 13:025004. Abstract/Full Text
Network inference in stochastic systems from neurons to currencies: Improved performance at small sample size.
Hoang DT, Song J, Periwal V, Jo J.
Phys Rev E (2019 Feb) 99:023311. Abstract/Full Text

Additional Publications

Metabolic scaling predicts posthepatectomy liver regeneration after accounting for hepatocyte hypertrophy.
Young LH, Periwal V.
Liver Transpl (2016 Apr) 22:476-84. Abstract/Full Text
Biochemical and clinical deficiency is uncommon in African immigrants despite a high prevalence of low vitamin D: the Africans in America study.
Thoreson CK, Chung ST, Ricks M, Reynolds JC, Remaley AT, Periwal V, Li Y, Sumner AE.
Osteoporos Int (2015 Nov) 26:2607-2615. Abstract/Full Text
The Beta Cell in Its Cluster: Stochastic Graphs of Beta Cell Connectivity in the Islets of Langerhans.
Striegel DA, Hara M, Periwal V.
PLoS Comput Biol (2015 Aug) 11:e1004423. Abstract/Full Text
Beta-cell destruction and preservation in childhood and adult onset type 1 diabetes.
Poudel A, Savari O, Striegel DA, Periwal V, Taxy J, Millis JM, Witkowski P, Atkinson MA, Hara M.
Endocrine (2015 Aug) 49:693-702. Abstract/Full Text
Macro fat and micro fat: insulin sensitivity and gender dependent response of adipose tissue to isocaloric diet change.
Li Y, Gaillard JR, McLaughlin T, Sørensen TIa, Periwal V.
Adipocyte (2015 Oct-Dec) 4:256-63. Abstract/Full Text
Diabetes Associated Metabolomic Perturbations in NOD Mice.
Grapov D, Fahrmann J, Hwang J, Poudel A, Jo J, Periwal V, Fiehn O, Hara M.
Metabolomics (2015 Apr) 11:425-437. Abstract/Full Text
A conserved rule for pancreatic islet organization.
Hoang DT, Matsunari H, Nagaya M, Nagashima H, Millis JM, Witkowski P, Periwal V, Hara M, Jo J.
PLoS One (2014) 9:e110384. Abstract/Full Text
Mathematical model of liver regeneration in human live donors.
Periwal V, Gaillard JR, Needleman L, Doria C.
J Cell Physiol (2014 May) 229:599-606. Abstract/Full Text
A network characteristic that correlates environmental and genetic robustness.
Shreif Z, Periwal V.
PLoS Comput Biol (2014 Feb) 10:e1003474. Abstract/Full Text
Regional differences in islet distribution in the human pancreas--preferential beta-cell loss in the head region in patients with type 2 diabetes.
Wang X, Misawa R, Zielinski MC, Cowen P, Jo J, Periwal V, Ricordi C, Khan A, Szust J, Shen J, Millis JM, Witkowski P, Hara M.
PLoS One (2013) 8:e67454. Abstract/Full Text
The fractal spatial distribution of pancreatic islets in three dimensions: a self-avoiding growth model.
Jo J, Hörnblad A, Kilimnik G, Hara M, Ahlgren U, Periwal V.
Phys Biol (2013 Jun) 10:036009. Abstract/Full Text
Sex-associated differences in free fatty acid flux of obese adolescents.
Adler-Wailes DC, Periwal V, Ali AH, Brady SM, McDuffie JR, Uwaifo GI, Tanofsky-Kraff M, Salaita CG, Hubbard VS, Reynolds JC, Chow CC, Sumner AE, Yanovski JA.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2013 Apr) 98:1676-84. Abstract/Full Text
Synergy in free radical generation is blunted by high-fat diet induced alterations in skeletal muscle mitochondrial metabolism.
Li Y, Periwal V.
Biophys J (2013 Mar 5) 104:1127-41. Abstract/Full Text
Quantitative dynamics of adipose cells.
Jo J, Shreif Z, Periwal V.
Adipocyte (2012 Apr 1) 1:80-88. Abstract/Full Text
Quantification of islet size and architecture.
Kilimnik G, Jo J, Periwal V, Zielinski MC, Hara M.
Islets (2012 Mar-Apr) 4:167-72. Abstract/Full Text
Bayesian functional integral method for inferring continuous data from discrete measurements.
Heuett WJ, Miller BV 3rd, Racette SB, Holloszy JO, Chow CC, Periwal V.
Biophys J (2012 Feb 8) 102:399-406. Abstract/Full Text
Mathematical models of pancreatic islet size distributions.
Jo J, Hara M, Ahlgren U, Sorenson R, Periwal V.
Islets (2012 Jan-Feb) 4:10-9. Abstract/Full Text
Formation of pancreatic islets involves coordinated expansion of small islets and fission of large interconnected islet-like structures.
Jo J, Kilimnik G, Kim A, Guo C, Periwal V, Hara M.
Biophys J (2011 Aug 3) 101:565-74. Abstract/Full Text
Higher acute insulin response to glucose may determine greater free fatty acid clearance in African-American women.
Chow CC, Periwal V, Csako G, Ricks M, Courville AB, Miller BV 3rd, Vega GL, Sumner AE.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2011 Aug) 96:2456-63. Abstract/Full Text
Computer-assisted large-scale visualization and quantification of pancreatic islet mass, size distribution and architecture.
Kim A, Kilimnik G, Guo C, Sung J, Jo J, Periwal V, Witkowski P, Dilorio P, Hara M.
J Vis Exp (2011 Mar 4) Abstract/Full Text
Altered islet composition and disproportionate loss of large islets in patients with type 2 diabetes.
Kilimnik G, Zhao B, Jo J, Periwal V, Witkowski P, Misawa R, Hara M.
PLoS One (2011) 6:e27445. Abstract/Full Text
Hypertrophy-driven adipocyte death overwhelms recruitment under prolonged weight gain.
Jo J, Guo J, Liu T, Mullen S, Hall KD, Cushman SW, Periwal V.
Biophys J (2010 Dec 1) 99:3535-44. Abstract/Full Text
Expression in aneuploid Drosophila S2 cells.
Zhang Y, Malone JH, Powell SK, Periwal V, Spana E, Macalpine DM, Oliver B.
PLoS Biol (2010 Feb 23) 8:e1000320. Abstract/Full Text
Waves of adipose tissue growth in the genetically obese Zucker fatty rat.
MacKellar J, Cushman SW, Periwal V.
PLoS One (2010 Jan 22) 5:e8197. Abstract/Full Text
Autoregulation of free radicals via uncoupling protein control in pancreatic beta-cell mitochondria.
Heuett WJ, Periwal V.
Biophys J (2010 Jan 20) 98:207-17. Abstract/Full Text
Cdk4 regulates recruitment of quiescent beta-cells and ductal epithelial progenitors to reconstitute beta-cell mass.
Lee JH, Jo J, Hardikar AA, Periwal V, Rane SG.
PLoS One (2010 Jan 13) 5:e8653. Abstract/Full Text
Differential effects of thiazolidinediones on adipocyte growth and recruitment in Zucker fatty rats.
MacKellar J, Cushman SW, Periwal V.
PLoS One (2009 Dec 24) 4:e8196. Abstract/Full Text
Islet formation during the neonatal development in mice.
Miller K, Kim A, Kilimnik G, Jo J, Moka U, Periwal V, Hara M.
PLoS One (2009 Nov 6) 4:e7739. Abstract/Full Text
A model of liver regeneration.
Furchtgott LA, Chow CC, Periwal V.
Biophys J (2009 May 20) 96:3926-35. Abstract/Full Text
Hypertrophy and/or Hyperplasia: Dynamics of Adipose Tissue Growth.
Jo J, Gavrilova O, Pack S, Jou W, Mullen S, Sumner AE, Cushman SW, Periwal V.
PLoS Comput Biol (2009 Mar) 5:e1000324. Abstract/Full Text
Evaluation of quantitative models of the effect of insulin on lipolysis and glucose disposal.
Periwal V, Chow CC, Bergman RN, Ricks M, Vega GL, Sumner AE.
Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol (2008 Oct) 295:R1089-96. Abstract/Full Text
Patterns in food intake correlate with body mass index.
Periwal V, Chow CC.
Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab (2006 Nov) 291:E929-36. Abstract/Full Text