Barbora Piknova, Ph.D.
Scientific Focus Areas: Biomedical Engineering and Biophysics


A selection of recent and significant publications can be viewed below.

Acid Test for Nitrite Pharmacology.
Piknova B, Schechter AN.
Hypertension (2017 Jan) 69:13-14. Abstract/Full Text
Measuring Nitrite and Nitrate, Metabolites in the Nitric Oxide Pathway, in Biological Materials using the Chemiluminescence Method.
Piknova B, Park JW, Cassel KS, Gilliard CN, Schechter AN.
J Vis Exp (2016 Dec 25) Abstract/Full Text
Nitrate as a source of nitrite and nitric oxide during exercise hyperemia in rat skeletal muscle.
Piknova B, Park JW, Kwan Jeff Lam K, Schechter AN.
Nitric Oxide (2016 May 1) 55-56:54-61. Abstract/Full Text
Construction of effective disposable biosensors for point of care testing of nitrite.
Monteiro T, Rodrigues PR, Gonçalves AL, Moura JJ, Jubete E, Añorga L, Piknova B, Schechter AN, Silveira CM, Almeida MG.
Talanta (2015 Sep 1) 142:246-51. Abstract/Full Text
Skeletal muscle as an endogenous nitrate reservoir.
Piknova B, Park JW, Swanson KM, Dey S, Noguchi CT, Schechter AN.
Nitric Oxide (2015 May 1) 47:10-16. Abstract/Full Text
Inhibitory effect of nitrite on coagulation processes demonstrated by thrombelastography.
Park JW, Piknova B, Nghiem K, Lozier JN, Schechter AN.
Nitric Oxide (2014 Aug 31) 40:45-51. Abstract/Full Text
A flow cytometric analysis of the inhibition of platelet reactivity due to nitrite reduction by deoxygenated erythrocytes.
Akrawinthawong K, Park JW, Piknova B, Sibmooh N, Fucharoen S, Schechter AN.
PLoS One (2014) 9:e92435. Abstract/Full Text
In vivo reduction of cell-free methemoglobin to oxyhemoglobin results in vasoconstriction in canines.
Wang D, Piknova B, Solomon SB, Cortes-Puch I, Kern SJ, Sun J, Kanias T, Gladwin MT, Helms C, Kim-Shapiro DB, Schechter AN, Natanson C.
Transfusion (2013 Dec) 53:3149-63. Abstract/Full Text
Comments on 'vascular effects of dietary nitrate (as found in green leafy vegetables and beetroot) via the nitrate-nitrite-nitric oxide pathway'.
Piknova B, Schechter AN.
Br J Clin Pharmacol (2013 Jun) 75:1541-2. Abstract/Full Text
Effect of storage on levels of nitric oxide metabolites in platelet preparations.
Park JW, Piknova B, Kurtz J, Seetharaman S, Wagner SJ, Schechter AN.
Transfusion (2013 Mar) 53:637-44. Abstract/Full Text
In reply.
Park JW, Piknova B, Schechter AN.
Transfusion (2013 Jan) 53:235. Abstract/Full Text
Effect of blood nitrite and nitrate levels on murine platelet function.
Park JW, Piknova B, Huang PL, Noguchi CT, Schechter AN.
PLoS One (2013) 8:e55699. Abstract/Full Text
Angeli's salt counteracts the vasoactive effects of elevated plasma hemoglobin.
Solomon SB, Bellavia L, Sweeney D, Piknova B, Perlegas A, Helms CC, Ferreyra GA, Bruce King S, Raat NJ, Kern SJ, Sun J, McPhail LC, Schechter AN, Natanson C, Gladwin MT, Kim-Shapiro DB.
Free Radic Biol Med (2012 Dec 15) 53:2229-39. Abstract/Full Text
Effect of storage levels of nitric oxide derivatives in blood components.
Qazi MA, Rizzatti F, Piknova B, Sibmooh N, Stroncek DF, Schechter AN.
F1000Res (2012) 1:35. Abstract/Full Text
Platelet inhibition by nitrite is dependent on erythrocytes and deoxygenation.
Srihirun S, Sriwantana T, Unchern S, Kittikool D, Noulsri E, Pattanapanyasat K, Fucharoen S, Piknova B, Schechter AN, Sibmooh N.
PLoS One (2012) 7:e30380. Abstract/Full Text
Erythropoietin in brain development and beyond.
Alnaeeli M, Wang L, Piknova B, Rogers H, Li X, Noguchi CT.
Anat Res Int (2012) 2012:953264. Abstract/Full Text
The role of nitrite in neurovascular coupling.
Piknova B, Kocharyan A, Schechter AN, Silva AC.
Brain Res (2011 Aug 17) 1407:62-8. Abstract/Full Text
Methaemalbumin formation in sickle cell disease: effect on oxidative protein modification and HO-1 induction.
Hanson MS, Piknova B, Keszler A, Diers AR, Wang X, Gladwin MT, Hillery CA, Hogg N.
Br J Haematol (2011 Aug) 154:502-11. Abstract/Full Text
Erythropoietin and hypoxia increase erythropoietin receptor and nitric oxide levels in lung microvascular endothelial cells.
Beleslin-Čokić BB, Cokić VP, Wang L, Piknova B, Teng R, Schechter AN, Noguchi CT.
Cytokine (2011 May) 54:129-35. Abstract/Full Text
Acute erythropoietin cardioprotection is mediated by endothelial response.
Teng R, Calvert JW, Sibmooh N, Piknova B, Suzuki N, Sun J, Martinez K, Yamamoto M, Schechter AN, Lefer DJ, Noguchi CT.
Basic Res Cardiol (2011 May) 106:343-54. Abstract/Full Text
Measurement of nitrite in blood samples using the ferricyanide-based hemoglobin oxidation assay.
Piknova B, Schechter AN.
Methods Mol Biol (2011) 704:39-56. Abstract/Full Text
The reaction of cell-free oxyhemoglobin with nitrite under physiologically relevant conditions: Implications for nitrite-based therapies.
Piknova B, Keszler A, Hogg N, Schechter AN.
Nitric Oxide (2009 Mar) 20:88-94. Abstract/Full Text
The reaction between nitrite and oxyhemoglobin: a mechanistic study.
Keszler A, Piknova B, Schechter AN, Hogg N.
J Biol Chem (2008 Apr 11) 283:9615-22. Abstract/Full Text
Oxidation of iron-nitrosyl-hemoglobin by dehydroascorbic acid releases nitric oxide to form nitrite in human erythrocytes.
Sibmooh N, Piknova B, Rizzatti F, Schechter AN.
Biochemistry (2008 Mar 4) 47:2989-96. Abstract/Full Text
Nitric oxide from nitrite reduction by hemoglobin in the plasma and erythrocytes.
Chen K, Piknova B, Pittman RN, Schechter AN, Popel AS.
Nitric Oxide (2008 Feb) 18:47-60. Abstract/Full Text
Electron paramagnetic resonance analysis of nitrosylhemoglobin in humans during NO inhalation.
Piknova B, Gladwin MT, Schechter AN, Hogg N.
J Biol Chem (2005 Dec 9) 280:40583-8. Abstract/Full Text
The collapse of monolayers containing pulmonary surfactant phospholipids is kinetically determined.
Yan W, Piknova B, Hall SB.
Biophys J (2005 Jul) 89:306-14. Abstract/Full Text
Transduction of NO-bioactivity by the red blood cell in sepsis: novel mechanisms of vasodilation during acute inflammatory disease.
Crawford JH, Chacko BK, Pruitt HM, Piknova B, Hogg N, Patel RP.
Blood (2004 Sep 1) 104:1375-82. Abstract/Full Text
Pulmonary surfactant: phase behavior and function.
Piknova B, Schram V, Hall SB.
Curr Opin Struct Biol (2002 Aug) 12:487-94. Abstract/Full Text
Discrepancy between phase behavior of lung surfactant phospholipids and the classical model of surfactant function.
Piknova B, Schief WR, Vogel V, Discher BM, Hall SB.
Biophys J (2001 Oct) 81:2172-80. Abstract/Full Text
Lipid domains and lipid/protein interactions in biological membranes.
Tocanne JF, Cézanne L, Lopez A, Piknova B, Schram V, Tournier JF, Welby M.
Chem Phys Lipids (1994 Sep 6) 73:139-58. Abstract/Full Text