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NIH Seeks Public Input on Framework for NIH Strategic Plan

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In order to advance its mission and fulfill a request from Congress, NIH is developing an NIH-wide Strategic Plan. The goal of this 5-year plan is to outline a vision for biomedical research that will pursue fundamental knowledge about the nature and behavior of living systems and apply that knowledge to extend healthy life and reduce illness and disability. NIH senior leadership and staff have developed a proposed framework for the Strategic Plan that identifies areas of opportunity across all biomedicine and unifying principles to guide NIH’s support of the biomedical research enterprise. The aim is to pursue crosscutting areas of research that span NIH’s 27 Institutes, Centers, and Offices, including the NIDDK. The NIH-wide Strategic Plan is due to the Congress in December 2015.

NIH invites you to review the proposed framework in the NIH’s Request for Information (RFI: NOT-OD-15-118) and on the NIH Strategic Plan website. NIH is soliciting this stakeholder feedback on the framework until August 16, 2015 11:59:59 PM EDT.

NIH is also hosting webinars to gather additional public input on the framework. These webinars are being held in early to mid-August 2015, as detailed on the NIH Strategic Plan website.

Your input is vital to ensuring that the NIH Strategic Plan positions biomedical research on a promising and visionary path. NIH appreciates your time and consideration in assisting with this effort.

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