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Banner for the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Diabetes Research Symposium.

2014 Mid-Atlantic Diabetes Research Symposium

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Event Details

The purposes of the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Diabetes Research Symposium, co-sponsored by the Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Obesity Branch at NIDDK and the Mid-Atlantic Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC) at the Department of Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine, are to encourage collaborations and enhance interactions at the regional level through the sharing of both reagents and expertise. This year’s format will be comprised of six invited lectures by Rudy Leibel, Klaus Kaestner, Stephen Rich, Debbie Muoio, and Jon Piganelli, as well as eight short short, hot-topic talks (selected from the abstracts):

Jesse Roth (former SD, NIDDK) and Les Salans (former Director, NIDDK) will chair the oral presentations. Space also will be available for up to 40 posters. 

Coffee breaks will be long enough to view the posters and renew acquaintances and a 1 1/2-hour lunch break will feature good food at a reasonable price and a comprehensive poster session. Registration (no fee required), abstract submission, and lunch purchase are available through the symposium website. Early registration is encouraged.