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Urinology Think Tank

Event Details Agenda

Event Details

Meeting Summary


The Urinology Think Tank will bring together 10 invited experts (5 speakers and 5 disscussants) to review and discuss the likelihood that urine has an active biological role that extends beyond its existences as the fluid of waste and excess water.

Meeting Objectives

The following questions will frame the Think Tank discussion:

  • Is there evidence that urinary constituents play an active role in bladder homeostasis, dysfunction, or disease?
  • Does the urine allow communication from the kidney to the bladder?
  • Is it worth pursuing the idea of urine as a biologically active fluid?
  • What data are desired (types of experiments necessary) to establish urine as an active fluid?

Space for this meeting is limited. If there is interest in attending this meeting as an observer, please contact Tamara Bavendam, M.D., at tamara.bavendam@nih.gov.

Event Logistics


Democracy 2, Room 701
6707 Democracy Boulevard
Bethesda, MD 20817

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