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The Physiology of the Weight Reduced State

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Event Details


Preventing regain of lost weight is the most difficult challenge in the treatment of obesity. Various physiological adaptations occur that make maintaining weight loss difficult by reducing energy expenditure and increasing energy intake.


The overarching goal of this workshop is to explore the mechanisms and integrative physiology of adaptations in appetite, energy expenditure, and thermogenesis (metabolic adaptation) that occur in the weight reduced state and may oppose weight loss maintenance.

The workshop will include—

  • Clinical experience with weight reduction and weight loss maintenance versus regain across interventions
  • Factors opposing weight loss maintenance
  • Factors affecting energy intake in the weight reduced state, including neural and endocrine regulation and the integration of homeostatic and hedonic pathways along with microbiome links
  • Metabolic adaptation/adaptive thermogenesis and tissue-specific roles and mechanisms
  • Strategies for understanding the physiology of the weight reduced state and improving weight loss maintenance
  • Factors potentially responsible for physiological variability in weight maintenance versus regain

Meeting Co-chairs

Rudolph L. Leibel, M.D., Columbia University
Kevin D. Hall, Ph.D., NIDDK

Organizing Committee

Mary Evans, Ph.D., NIDDK
Maren Laughlin, Ph.D., NIDDK
Christopher J. Lynch, Ph.D., NIDDK
Stavroula K. Osganian, M.D., Sc.D., M.P.H., NIDDK
Susan Z. Yanovski, M.D., NIDDK

Registration Deadline

May 25, 2019

Event Logistics


Registration Closed
Registration ended


Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center
5701 Marinelli Rd
Rockville, MD 20852

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Program Contacts
Christopher Lynch, Ph.D.
T: 301-827-3988

Maren Laughlin, Ph.D.
T: 301-594-8802

Meeting Logistics
Kimberly Barch
T: 301-827-6990

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