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The Science of Conditioning



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The purpose of this workshop on the science of conditioning is to bring together investigators from across basic science and clinical disciplines to share recent insights into the effects of current conditioning regimens, which can result in deleterious effects in patients with nonmalignant hematological disorders. This webinar also will highlight emerging discoveries regarding innovative conditioning regimens, as well as gaps in the science regarding how conditioning therapies affect both the bone marrow microenvironment and the engraftability of the hematopoietic stem cell.


We expect that this meeting will provide a platform to establish productive collaborations and stimulate new ideas to enable substantial progress in understanding the role of bone marrow conditioning in outcomes of nonmalignant hematological diseases and will have promising potential to address ongoing challenges in the hematology field.


Research into the treatment of nonmalignant hematological disease using hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) has seen explosive growth within the last decade. Recent outcomes of clinical trials combining HSCT and genome engineering to correct specific genetic defects have highlighted the critical need to understand the impact of bone marrow conditioning therapy on the microenvironment in these hematological disorders.

Registration Deadline

January 25, 2024

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Registration Closed
Registration ended



The link to join the webinar will be distributed via email prior to the date of the event.


Program Contact
Shilpa Hattangadi
T: 301-480-2268

Meeting Logistics
Allison Hurst
The Scientific Consulting Group, Inc.
T: 301-670-4990

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