Marissa Lightbourne, M.D., M.P.H.


A selection of recent and significant publications can be viewed below.

Long-Term Effects of Metreleptin in Rabson-Mendenhall Syndrome on Glycemia, Growth, and Kidney Function.
Okawa MC, Cochran E, Lightbourne M, Brown RJ.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2022 Feb 17) 107:e1032-e1046. Abstract/Full Text
Case Studies in Pediatric Lipid Disorders and Their Management.
Ashraf AP, Sunil B, Bamba V, Breidbart E, Brar PC, Chung S, Gupta A, Khokhar A, Kumar S, Lightbourne M, Kamboj MK, Miller RS, Patni N, Raman V, Shah AS, Wilson DP, Kohn B.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2021 Nov 19) 106:3605-3620. Abstract/Full Text
Homozygous SHBG Variant (rs6258) Linked to Gonadotropin-Independent Precocious Puberty in a Young Girl.
Andriessen VC, Lightbourne M, Flippo C, Faucz FR, Delaney A, Hannah-Shmouni F, Hammond GL, Stratakis CA.
J Endocr Soc (2021 Oct 1) 5:bvab125. Abstract/Full Text
Growth Hormone Use in Childhood and Adult Cardiovascular Disease.
Malozowski S, Lightbourne M.
JAMA Pediatr (2021 Jun 1) 175:645-646. Abstract/Full Text
Apolipoprotein CIII and Angiopoietin-like Protein 8 are Elevated in Lipodystrophy and Decrease after Metreleptin.
Lightbourne M, Wolska A, Abel BS, Rother KI, Walter M, Kushchayeva Y, Auh S, Shamburek RD, Remaley AT, Muniyappa R, Brown RJ.
J Endocr Soc (2021 Feb 1) 5:bvaa191. Abstract/Full Text
Free fatty acid processing diverges in human pathologic insulin resistance conditions.
Sekizkardes H, Chung ST, Chacko S, Haymond MW, Startzell M, Walter M, Walter PJ, Lightbourne M, Brown RJ.
J Clin Invest (2020 Jul 1) 130:3592-3602. Abstract/Full Text
Thyroid Hormone Effects on Glucose Disposal in Patients With Insulin Receptor Mutations.
Kushchayeva YS, Startzell M, Cochran E, Auh S, Sekizkardes H, Soldin SJ, Kushchayev SV, Dieckmann W, Skarulis M, Abdul Sater Z, Brychta RJ, Cypess AM, Lin TC, Lightbourne M, Millo C, Brown RJ.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2020 Mar 1) 105:e158-71. Abstract/Full Text
Advanced Lipoprotein Analysis Shows Atherogenic Lipid Profile That Improves After Metreleptin in Patients with Lipodystrophy.
Kinzer AB, Shamburek RD, Lightbourne M, Muniyappa R, Brown RJ.
J Endocr Soc (2019 Aug 1) 3:1503-1517. Abstract/Full Text
Thyroid Abnormalities in Patients With Extreme Insulin Resistance Syndromes.
Kushchayeva YS, Kushchayev SV, Startzell M, Cochran E, Auh S, Dai Y, Lightbourne M, Skarulis M, Brown RJ.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2019 Jun 1) 104:2216-2228. Abstract/Full Text
Genetic Tumor Syndromes with Endocrine Involvement: A Compendium and an Update.
Kushchayeva Y, Lightbourne M, Lodish M, Stratakis CA.
Pediatr Endocrinol Rev (2019 Mar) 16:311-334. Abstract/Full Text
Genetics of Lipodystrophy.
Lightbourne M, Brown RJ.
Endocrinol Metab Clin North Am (2017 Jun) 46:539-554. Abstract/Full Text
Combined pituitary hormone deficiency in a girl with 48, XXXX and Rathke's cleft cyst.
Uppal S, Jee YH, Lightbourne M, Han JC, Stratakis CA.
Hormones (Athens) (2017 Jan) 16:92-98. Abstract/Full Text
Effects of a home-based walking intervention on mobility and quality of life in people with diabetes and peripheral arterial disease: a randomized controlled trial.
Collins TC, Lunos S, Carlson T, Henderson K, Lightbourne M, Nelson B, Hodges JS.
Diabetes Care (2011 Oct) 34:2174-9. Abstract/Full Text
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