John R. Lloyd, Ph.D.
John Lloyd.
Scientific Focus Areas: Chemical Biology


A selection of recent and significant publications can be viewed below.

A simple and cost-effective protocol for high-yield expression of deuterated and selectively isoleucine/leucine/valine methyl protonated proteins in Escherichia coli grown in shaker flasks.
Cai M, Huang Y, Lloyd J, Craigie R, Clore GM.
J Biomol NMR (2021 Mar) 75:83-87. Abstract/Full Text
Chlorcyclizine Inhibits Viral Fusion of Hepatitis C Virus Entry by Directly Targeting HCV Envelope Glycoprotein 1.
Hu Z, Rolt A, Hu X, Ma CD, Le DJ, Park SB, Houghton M, Southall N, Anderson DE, Talley DC, Lloyd JR, Marugan JC, Liang TJ.
Cell Chem Biol (2020 Jul 16) 27:780-792.e5. Abstract/Full Text
Structure-Based Design, Synthesis by Click Chemistry and in Vivo Activity of Highly Selective A(3) Adenosine Receptor Agonists.
Tosh DK, Paoletta S, Chen Z, Crane S, Lloyd J, Gao ZG, Gizewski ET, Auchampach JA, Salvemini D, Jacobson KA.
Medchemcomm (2015) 6:555-563. Abstract/Full Text
Say no to DMSO: dimethylsulfoxide inactivates cisplatin, carboplatin, and other platinum complexes.
Hall MD, Telma KA, Chang KE, Lee TD, Madigan JP, Lloyd JR, Goldlust IS, Hoeschele JD, Gottesman MM.
Cancer Res (2014 Jul 15) 74:3913-22. Abstract/Full Text
Meropenem inhibits D,D-carboxypeptidase activity in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
Kumar P, Arora K, Lloyd JR, Lee IY, Nair V, Fischer E, Boshoff HI, Barry CE 3rd.
Mol Microbiol (2012 Oct) 86:367-81. Abstract/Full Text
Geographic variability and anti-staphylococcal activity of the chrysophaentins and their synthetic fragments.
Keffer JL, Hammill JT, Lloyd JR, Plaza A, Wipf P, Bewley CA.
Mar Drugs (2012 May) 10:1103-1125. Abstract/Full Text
Discovery and synthesis of namalide reveals a new anabaenopeptin scaffold and peptidase inhibitor.
Cheruku P, Plaza A, Lauro G, Keffer J, Lloyd JR, Bifulco G, Bewley CA.
J Med Chem (2012 Jan 26) 55:735-42. Abstract/Full Text
Peptide fragmentation by corona discharge induced electrochemical ionization.
Lloyd JR, Hess S.
J Am Soc Mass Spectrom (2010 Dec) 21:2051-61. Abstract/Full Text
Multivalent dendrimeric and monomeric adenosine agonists attenuate cell death in HL-1 mouse cardiomyocytes expressing the A(3) receptor.
Keene AM, Balasubramanian R, Lloyd J, Shainberg A, Jacobson KA.
Biochem Pharmacol (2010 Jul 15) 80:188-96. Abstract/Full Text
Chrysophaentins A-H, antibacterial bisdiarylbutene macrocycles that inhibit the bacterial cell division protein FtsZ.
Plaza A, Keffer JL, Bifulco G, Lloyd JR, Bewley CA.
J Am Chem Soc (2010 Jul 7) 132:9069-77. Abstract/Full Text
Mutremdamide A and koshikamides C-H, peptide inhibitors of HIV-1 entry from different Theonella species.
Plaza A, Bifulco G, Masullo M, Lloyd JR, Keffer JL, Colin PL, Hooper JN, Bell LJ, Bewley CA.
J Org Chem (2010 Jul 2) 75:4344-55. Abstract/Full Text
Structural basis of G protein-coupled receptor-G protein interactions.
Hu J, Wang Y, Zhang X, Lloyd JR, Li JH, Karpiak J, Costanzi S, Wess J.
Nat Chem Biol (2010 Jul) 6:541-8. Abstract/Full Text
Paltolides A--C, anabaenopeptin-type peptides from the palau sponge Theonella swinhoei.
Plaza A, Keffer JL, Lloyd JR, Colin PL, Bewley CA.
J Nat Prod (2010 Mar 26) 73:485-8. Abstract/Full Text
Celebesides A-C and theopapuamides B-D, depsipeptides from an Indonesian sponge that inhibit HIV-1 entry.
Plaza A, Bifulco G, Keffer JL, Lloyd JR, Baker HL, Bewley CA.
J Org Chem (2009 Jan 16) 74:504-12. Abstract/Full Text
Enhanced A3 adenosine receptor selectivity of multivalent nucleoside-dendrimer conjugates.
Klutz AM, Gao ZG, Lloyd J, Shainberg A, Jacobson KA.
J Nanobiotechnology (2008 Oct 23) 6:12. Abstract/Full Text
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