Andrew Lutas, Ph.D., Stadtman Tenure-Track Investigator
Photo of Andrew Lutas, Ph.D.
Scientific Focus Areas: Neuroscience, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Molecular Pharmacology, Systems Biology


A selection of recent and significant publications can be viewed below.

Select Publications

History-dependent dopamine release increases cAMP levels in most basal amygdala glutamatergic neurons to control learning.
Lutas A, Fernando K, Zhang SX, Sambangi A, Andermann ML.
Cell Rep (2022 Jan 25) 38:110297. Abstract/Full Text
Hypothalamic dopamine neurons motivate mating through persistent cAMP signalling.
Zhang SX, Lutas A, Yang S, Diaz A, Fluhr H, Nagel G, Gao S, Andermann ML.
Nature (2021 Sep) 597:245-249. Abstract/Full Text
Brainstem serotonin neurons selectively gate retinal information flow to thalamus.
Reggiani JDS, Jiang Q, Barbini M, Lutas A, Liang L, Fernando J, Deng F, Wan J, Li Y, Chen C, Andermann ML.
Neuron (2023 Mar 1) 111:711-726.e11. Abstract/Full Text

Additional Publications

State-specific gating of salient cues by midbrain dopaminergic input to basal amygdala.
Lutas A, Kucukdereli H, Alturkistani O, Carty C, Sugden AU, Fernando K, Diaz V, Flores-Maldonado V, Andermann ML.
Nat Neurosci (2019 Nov) 22:1820-1833. Abstract/Full Text
The leak channel NALCN controls tonic firing and glycolytic sensitivity of substantia nigra pars reticulata neurons.
Lutas A, Lahmann C, Soumillon M, Yellen G.
Elife (2016 May 13) 5. Abstract/Full Text
Metabolism regulates the spontaneous firing of substantia nigra pars reticulata neurons via KATP and nonselective cation channels.
Lutas A, Birnbaumer L, Yellen G.
J Neurosci (2014 Dec 3) 34:16336-47. Abstract/Full Text
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